Landlords require Energy Performance Certificates from 1 October 2008

Since October 2008, all rented properties in both social and private sectors in England and Wales are now legally required to present an EPC to all prospective tenants.

Landlords require Energy Performance Certificates from 1 October 2008

EPC Scheme

The EPC scheme was brought in by the government to help potential buyers understand the home's energy efficiency by rating the home using a scale from A-G.

‘A’ rated homes indicate they are the most efficient homes and should have the lowest fuel bills. It also lets the potential buyer know the impact that particular property has on the environment; an EPC will also include recommendations on ways to improve the home’s efficiency to save the buyer money and help the environment.

The National Approved Letting Scheme (Nals) welcomes the introduction of EPC’s for Landlords saying it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Caroline Pickering, chair of the NALS explains “An EPC provides the tenant with a clear indication of the energy efficiency of their accommodation which can only be a selling point for prospective tenants".

Energy Saving

Landlords can implement new energy saving measures before under taking the EPC to help credit its rating. These simple yet effective ways ensure their properties are as energy efficient as possible ahead of the EPC.

These can range from installation of double glazing to cavity wall and loft installation. Landlords could even replace old boilers which when older than 15 years old prove to be less energy efficient.

Domestic Energy Assessor

The only person who is able to produce an Energy Performance Sertificate is an accredited energy assessor; get an instant quote here to find a DEA in your area here.

It is strongly recommended that Landlords contact a local Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) ahead of the October deadline to avoid having to join a waiting list and most importantly put you ahead of competition. Landlords can get a free instant quote for Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) from up to 4 Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA’s) in their area on

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