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reallymoving's 20th Birthday

This year is our 20th birthday and we'd like to remember 20 years in the property industry as well as look forward to another 20 years to come!


We've created the video above to celebrate our 20th birthday. With words from our founders Rob and Rosie, as well as other members of the team, we consider what reaching 20 years means, what we've learnt and what we're excited about going forward.

Our 20th birthday not only gave us the chance to look back at what we've achieved in 2 decades of business, but what we're passionate about and where we can make a change. But what about our other goals, not only as a company, but as a collection of individuals? We want to try and be as environmentally friendly as we can. For a technology company, that can be a struggle, but we're constantly looking for ways to improve. We want to support local businesses, push ourselves to support charities, work together and grow. 

Our 20 for 20 is a push to improve ourselves by raising money, adapting our work processes and looking for ways to achieve goals together.

Check out our infographic that covers 20 years of reallymoving. Created by Angus Doyle, it traces from our humble beginnings right through to now, celebrating 20 years, a growing team and a brand new comparison site to work on!

I joined reallymoving whilst on a career break in 2001, because the hours fit around the needs of my children. Back then I covered all aspects of the business, including acquiring new partners, running campaigns and making website changes. Now we have experts in those areas and I can focus on the accounts. One of the most impressive things about reallymoving is the way we’ve been able to survive, adapt and grow, alongside helping our partners grow their businesses.
I expected to return to my job in the City, but found that as the company grew, I had the opportunity to grow with it. I love that despite how much it has expanded, it still maintains the feel of a small, friendly company.
 - our Head of Finance, Clare Exact


We've experienced a lot in 20 years! At the heart of everything is our desire to make it easier to navigate those big moments in life. So whether you're buying your first home, expanding for a family, or off on a new adventure for a fresh start, we're here to help. We're very proud of reaching 20 years, and we're excited about what the next 20 will bring!


We're really passionate about doing things together as a team. From birthday cakes and 'first Tuesday' drinks, to our summer rounders game and our community charity events, we enjoy celebrating together and trying out new activities! 



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