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International moves to and from America

  1. 27 April 2017
  2. By Rob Houghton

We look at how popular a move to America has become, with the next in our series of international moving maps.


Moving abroad is becoming more and more popular as each year, thousands of people leave their native countries to relocate and move overseas. Using UN data, we show the different international moves and we have included specific highlights to show how popular a move abroad to America has become.



International moves to and from America

The table above shows the top destinations for international moves to and from the USA, giving great insight into the various countries choosing to relocate to this popular country.

If you’re thinking about moving to America, be sure to plan your trip across the pond early to avoid any problems that may occur with an international move. Create a moving checklist, prepare all necessary documentation and travel arrangements, and be sure to compare international moving costs with our free, no obligation online form to ensure your move abroad is in safe hands.

America is a popular destination for international moves for many reasons, not least because of the diverse culture and lifestyle unlike any other country in the world. Whether you’re moving to top up your tan in the Sunshine State or preparing for a new start in the Big Apple, our guides on moving to America can help you organise your international move, ready for your new life abroad.

Who's moving to America?

The USA offers a wealth of opportunity, from the difference in education and job availability to the warmer weather and overall quality of life. It’s the top destination for international moves for Mexicans, with the Chinese in second place and Indians not far behind.

Interestingly, British expats don’t appear in the top 10 list of countries moving to the USA, yet we’re the third country on the American’s top destinations list for international moves.

Take a look at some further insights into the USA:

•    Over a quarter of moves into the U.S. come from Mexico

•    More people move from Mexico to the U.S. than any other country in total

•    As a percentage of population, the USA has fewer people moving away than any other major English speaking country

•    Germany is the most popular destination of moves from America where the native language is not English or Spanish

Why are people moving to America?

The cost of living is for many, an extremely attractive incentive for moving to America.

This does however, depend on where you live in the USA, especially as New York was ranked the 11th most expensive city for expats in 2016. Other popular expat locations such as LA, Boston and San Francisco will also be more expensive in terms of property, entertainment and overall cost of living compared to some other locations in the US.

Be sure to research the city or state you are relocating to before you decide to move - that way you can be prepared for your new life abroad without too many unexpected surprised once you get there.

Find out how much it might cost to move to America with our international moving cost calculator. We have a number of industry professionals and international removals companies on our panel who are strictly regulated to give you peace of mind when moving abroad.

Read our useful guides on relocating abroad for more information and advice.

If you found this interesting, we're sure you'll like to discover the international moves to and from the UK. 



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