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2015 Manchester Moving Trends

  1. 10 August 2015
  2. By Rob Houghton

This 2015 report is based on data from the users of reallymoving.com, the UK’s leading provider of free instant online quotes for home-moving services.

Around 10,000 movers used reallymoving.com to help with their move to or from the Manchester postcode area during the last eight years. These insights into the region’s home-moving trends are based on those moves.

Facts and figures to note:

  • FFS: Football, Food & drink and Shopping.  Food and drink, shopping, football, music & nightlife are the things Mancunians love most about their city.
  • Local’s still king. The most popular origins for those moving to Manchester are Stockport, Warrington and Liverpool: locals are still unable to resist the pull of the city!
  • Things are on the way up. Though there was a slight dip in the total number of moves to or from Manchester as a proportion of total UK moves between 2010 and 2013, levels are now back to their 2007-2009 height.
  • Stockport’s popular. For those moving away from Manchester, Stockport remains by far the most popular destination.
  • London’s out, Manchester’s in. There has been a consistently higher number of people moving from London to Manchester than from Manchester to London.

About reallymoving.com’s 2015 Manchester Moving Trends

To create Manchester Moving Trends 2015, we looked at data from over 10,000 people across the last eight years moving to or from Manchester, all of whom were registering for quotes for moving services such as conveyancing, home removals and home surveys.

The local area

Why do people move to Manchester? Section ‘A’ of the report takes a look at what it is about the city that people love. Section ‘B’ of the report takes a look at the percentage of Manchester people staying local when they move. Sections ‘C’ and ‘D’ of the report show the number of people moving to Manchester from the local area and the most popular destinations for moves from Manchester. Section ‘E’ looks at Manchester moves as a proportion of total UK moves, while


Section ‘F’ of the report shows the data for the number of people moving from Manchester to London, and the number of people moving to Manchester from the capital.

A city on the up

The number of people moving from Manchester who stay in the local area has continued to improve over the last eight years.

A: What is it about Manchester that people love?

Tag cloud of the things people love about Manchester

(These results come from reallymoving.com’s survey of 2,000 people in the North West of England on what they loved about Manchester).

The gender divide

  • It’s no surprise that Manchester is a popular shopping destination across the ages: as one of England’s larger cities it naturally offers a lot of variety. Unsurprisingly, this is more appealing to women, with 35 per cent of them rating the city for its shopping versus 19 per cent of men.
  •  On the flip side of the gender gap, football appeals more to men, but not by as big a gap as you might think. 10 per cent of men against 6 per cent of women. These percentages are also lower than expected, given Manchester plays host to two of the country’s best teams.
  • The nightlife is more popular amongst men than women, as is the city’s selection of food and drink. Women especially were less bothered by the latter, with only 7 per cent mentioning it compared with 12 per cent of men.

The age groups

The most enjoyable parts of the city also varied according to the age group responding:

  • Shopping was again uniformly the most popular, with all of the age groups mentioning it at least 21 per cent of the time.
  • For the older age groups, football and shopping were popular, but the 65+ demographic also highlighted the general location as being very important: over 10 per cent of them mentioned it.
  • The other major point was that food and drink becomes generally less important as the demographic ages, with a constant decline from the age of 35.

B: Staying local

The graph below shows the percentage of Manchester movers who stay in the local postcode area.

Percentage of Manchester movers who stay in the local area

What the graph tells us

Around 40 per cent of the people moving from Manchester stay in the local postcode area; this is actually slightly lower than the national average (50 per cent), but given that Manchester is a relatively small, very densely populated area, this isn’t a surprise.

C: Where are you from?

This table shows the most common origins for people moving to Manchester. The data highlights the large proportion of people moving from neighbouring areas.

Most popular origins for moves to Manchester % of movers
Stockport 5.4%
Warrington 3.0%
Liverpool 2.5%
Bolton 2.3%
Oldham 1.7%

What the table tells us

In 2014, the three most popular origins for people moving to the Manchester area were Stockport, Warrington and Liverpool. Although Stockport is comfortably the highest, it suffered a big dip in movers between 2010 and 2012, before starting to recover in 2013.

D: Where are you heading?

This table shows the most popular destinations for people moving away from Manchester. The data also highlights the fact that – as with table B – neighbouring areas dominate.

Most popular locations for moves from Manchester % of movers
Stockport 9.2%
Warrington 4.3%
Bolton 3.9%
Oldham 2.7%
Crewe 1.9%

What the table tells us

Stockport and Warrington are also the most common destinations for people moving away from the centre of Manchester in 2014, with Stockport leading the way. Bolton especially has seen an increase in popularity with Mancunians within the last couple of years.

E: How does Manchester shape up?

Manchester moves as %25 UK total

This graph shows the percentage of people moving to and from Manchester as a percentage of the UK total moves. The data also shows the differences in percentage between those moving to and those moving from Manchester.

What the graph tells us

The recession period of 2010 and 2013 appears to have hit Manchester quite hard, with a dip in the total number of movers in that period compared to the rest of the UK. However, recent years have seen the figures begin to improve. The number of people using reallymoving.com when moving from Manchester has consistently been higher than for those moving to it, as is typical for large cities[2], but there isn’t a huge difference between the two.

F: The big smoke

This section looks at moves between Manchester & London. There are more people moving from London to Manchester than vice versa, both in total number and as a percentage of all moves.

Moves between Manchester & London

What the graph tells us

A number of interesting things have come out of the data regarding moves between Manchester and London:

  • The proportion of moves to Manchester coming from London is almost 10% whereas only 3% of moves from Manchester go to London
  • On average over the past 5 years there have been 1.5 people moving from London to Manchester for every 1 person moving from Manchester to London

Interestingly, the data shows a pretty much constant decline in the number moving to London. This has been a continuing trend for the last few years.

There are a number of potential reasons for this decline:

  • The London housing market – which has grown continually over the last 10 years – has simply priced people out of buying there.
  • As a busy, active metropolitan centre, Manchester makes the ideal destination for those that want to move without losing the lifestyle.
  • The BBC move to Salford. Over 2,000 BBC staff are currently employed at MediaCity, with a number of the corporation’s major divisions – including BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Sport and BBC Breakfast – all based in the region. This was expected to create up to 10,000 jobs during its ongoing development and it’s possible that the area is beginning to feel the positive impact. [1]

Notes to Editors

2015 Manchester Moving Trends is based on eight years of data taken from 10,000 different quotes at reallymoving.com. Reallymoving.com provides quotes for a number of different moving services such as conveyancing, home removals and home surveys.


  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/manchester/content/articles/2006/06/23/


  1. Young people moving to the city at the start of their careers are less likely to be buying or may not require a removals service, so do not figure in our numbers. We believe there are more instances of this in major cities than in other parts of the UK.

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