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The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards

  1. 07 August 2015
  2. By Rosie Rogers

So, we’re a finalist at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards.  What does that mean?

Last month we were notified that we are a finalist in the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards, in the ‘Vonage Business Enabler’ division. We are absolutely delighted to be part of the National Business Awards.

This is great news, so what happens next?

Well, it’s not all plain sailing to picking up a trophy and having our photo taken, although that would be splendid!  The next step is that in September our Chief Executive Rob Houghton, will give a presentation to the panel which will be followed by a Q&A session to us both with the National Business Awards panel.

We then attend the Awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House in Park Lane, this November and we keep our fingers crossed.

Why did we apply for this Award?

Reallymoving.com has been operating since 1999. Yes, since the last century, and we have been early adopters and even ‘disrupters’ for many years.  I’m not sure that the term business ‘disrupter’ even existed when we were busy doing our disrupting.  We were the first company to give instant removals quotes from a registration – something that plenty of dissenters said couldn’t be done but is now regarded as a norm.  We were the first company to offer a ‘comparison’ style list of conveyancers and surveyors, and their fees.  In another first, I don’t think the term ‘comparison site’ had been coined when we started.

With all this history, I think it is about time we put our heads above the parapet and applied for an award.  Maybe foolhardy, but we decided to go for one of the most prestigious awards in the business world.

One of the joys of applying for this Award has been the application process.  It makes you look at your business with a long hard stare; at your achievements and future plans. 

As a website, we collect reviews of our partners on a daily basis and help them to promote their positive feedback.  We took at dose of our medicine and asked our partners to provide us with testimonials on how they feel about working with reallymoving.com.  The responses were heart-warming and makes reminds us why we do this.  Here are a few of the responses that we relayed on our application:

“reallymoving have been fundamental to my business for more than ten years…. They’ve just got it right…. They are the best” 

“They are a key source of our business and have played a major role in our growth” 

reallymoving has played a key part in our growth” 

They provide the vast majority of our sales leads and in the past year we have seen our turnover increase by 35% t hanks in a large part to their efforts.” 

“We’ve been with reallymoving for ten years and they have enabled us to compete nationally.” 

“reallymoving has been our partner for ten years and in that time we have gone from being a small firm to the third or fourth biggest in the industry.  Reallymoving has been integral to that growth.”

So, wish us luck and watch this space!

Rosemary Rogers

Chief Operating Officer

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