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New housing minister Alok Sharma will be the 15th in 20 years

With the new housing minister ready to take his position, we take a look at the past housing ministers and see how Alok Sharma stacks up against them. 

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General Election Manifestos: What are the main housing policies?

reallymoving previews the 2017 General Election with a focus on the housing policies being put forward by the three main political parties. 

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What effect has HS2 had on Manchester? analyses the impact of HS2 on Manchester's property market. 

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The Rising Role of the Bank of Mum and Dad analyses the increasingly important role of the Bank of Mum and Dad when it comes to property purchases.

First Time Buyers, Help and Advice is working with the charities Debra and Depaul

Find out how the charities DEBRA and Depaul are supporting people in need and how your house move can help them continue their support for years to come. 

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How might the snap general election affect the UK property market? looks at the possible impact the snap general election could have on the UK’s property market. 

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The Lifetime ISA struggles to get off the ground

reallymoving looks at why the recently launched Lifetime ISA could be in for a difficult future.

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What impact has the HS2 route had on Leeds?

We take a look at the impact of the highly divisive HS2 route on the property markets of northern cities, with a particular focus on Leeds.

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The property valuation conundrum

Property valuations play a key role in a fully functioning housing market, but recent reports suggest there is a problem: estate agents overvaluing the price of a home with Chartered Surveyors then undervaluing it, something which could be leading to many house sales falling through.

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