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What are Snagging Surveys?

If you're purchasing a new build property and want to make sure that the property is finished to the standard you expect, a snagging survey can be a great tool.

October 2019

First time buyers using Help to Buy pay more for new homes

According to our latest research, first time buyers in England buying a new home using the Help To Buy Equity Loan scheme are paying on average 10.3% more than those not using Help To Buy.

October 2019

5 ways to add value to your bathroom

If you're planning on sprucing up your property before putting it on the market, your bathroom could be a great place to start to getting that quick sale.

October 2019

How to look after your mental health during your move

According to a poll carried out by Anxiety UK, two thirds of people rate moving house as more stressful than divorce. So what can you do to take care of yourself?

October 2019

Explained - shared ownership Right to Buy for housing association tenants

What are the new plans for allowing housing association tenants to buy a share in the equity of their property, and how likely are they to go through?

October 2019