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International Moving Maps

  1. 03 February 2017
  2. By Rob Houghton

We have analysed UN data to illustrate international movers, with each country shaded in proportion to showcase the most popular destinations and origins for people who have moved to, or from, each country.  

Highlights which can be found in these maps include:

  • More people have moved to the USA (47 million) than any other country, followed by Germany (12m), Russia (12m) and Saudi Arabia (10m).

  • More people have moved from India (16 million) than any other country, followed by Mexico (12m), Russia (11m) and China (10m).

  • 3.3% of the world's population don't live in the country they were born in.

  • The most popular international move route in the world is from Mexico to the USA

  • Spain is the 5th most popular destination for UK movers (behind Australia, USA, Canada & Australia).

  • Poland is now the #2 source of movers to the UK (behind India, ahead of Pakistan)

Our two types of maps include data showing for the whole world within our Global Maps, and details moves to and from specific countries within our Country Maps.

Main destinations for moves from the UK

Main origins for moves to the UK

Net international movers by country (green = more moves to, red = more moves from)

An international move can be daunting for many, but as our maps show, people all over the world are relocating overseas every year.

If you need advice on moving abroad, international removals support or a guide the entire process of moving your home to another country, reallymoving.com can help.

These maps were prepared by reallymoving.com, the home moving service, which can provide instant estimates of the cost of any international move and help you get quotes from reputable international removals companies.


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