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Moving Cost Calculator-bloggers review

  1. 15 June 2016
  2. By Kate Coetzee

Reallymoving.com recently challenged a selection of bloggers to use our Moving cost calculator and write a blog about their experience. 

We were interested in finding out how much they thought the whole process of moving house would cost, especially if this was something they had recently experienced. 

We asked each of the bloggers to take a look at our Moving cost calculator. We wanted to find out how useful this service was and if it would save them money if they used this tool for moving house in the future. 

To find out more about their thoughts on moving house, and their views on our Moving cost calculator, here are seven of our favourite reviews, in no particular order. 

One Slice of Lemon (www.onesliceoflemon.com
Mandy is a lifestyle blogger and first time mummy to a baby girl. They currently live in a 2 bed apartment and are considering moving house before they completely outgrow their current home, especially as they continue to acquire more and more things for their baby. Read more about how much the cost of moving house could potentially cost Mandy here

Twin Mummy and Daddy (www.twinmummyanddaddy.com)
Emily is a mummy of twin girls and blogs about being a parent. She talked about their most recent move when her daughters were 11 months old and the various factors which affected their move. She didn’t realise how much it would cost to move house including the various charges and how organised you need to be when moving with children. Find out more about how much she thought it would cost to move in her blogpost.  
This Enchanted Pixie (http://thisenchantedpixie.org)
Polly is a part time parent blogger that documents her day-to-day life with her four children and how she is home schooling them. They moved house almost a year ago and she reflects on the house move in terms of costs and how stressful it was back then. Finally, she shares some of her top tips to help keep the cost of moving down. Find out more in her post
Where Roots and Wings Entwine (www.whererootsandwingsentwine.com)
Elizabeth is a parent blogger and first time mum to her son, nicknamed Bug. She blogs about her experience of being a first time mum and shares her opinions and reviews on everyday life products. In her post she talks about the excitement she used to have when moving house as a child which differs slightly now that she is much older and wiser. They are currently looking to get their forever house and she talks a lot about the possible cost associated with this, read more here.
Christie’s Lifestyle (www.christieslifestyle.co.uk)
Christie is a lifestyle blogger from Norwich and she blogs about her thoughts, beauty, food and fashion – whatever comes to mind. She is currently in the process of buying a house and talks about the various stages including speaking to financial advisers and hunting for houses in Norwich. Find out more about the actual prices she was quoted compared to the quote she got from reallymoving.com here
Beauties and the Bibs (http://beautiesandthebibs.co.uk)
Jessica is a parent blogger writing about being a first time mum to her daughter. She talks about the possibility of moving now that they have a child so they can have more room to grow. Since they’ve bought a house they are more aware of the charges and different fees associated with moving house but found a number of interesting features on reallymoving.com which she thought would be very handy when moving house again. Find out more on her website
Dollfaceblogs (www.dollfaceblogs.co.uk)
Emma is a lifestyle blogger currently in the process of buying a house. She is currently writing a series on buying a house for first time buyers which has already received positive feedback from her blog readers. She talks about the different fees and costs she has encountered so far. You can read about the different charges and her thoughts here.

If you would like to join our blogger review or blogger challenges please contact us at [email protected]


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