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International moves to and from the UK

  1. 22 March 2017
  2. By Rob Houghton

We've analysed UN data to show the most popular moves to and from each international country and this month, we’ve put together some insights for the UK. Read our latest post for more.

Take a look at our interactive map and discover the world’s international moving routes. After analysing UN data to illustrate the most popular moves to and from each international country, we’ve put together some insights for the UK. Our table lists a few examples below.


International moves to and from the UK

Our maps show that more people have moved from India to the UK than any other country in the world, and given the diverse culture and wealth of opportunities found in cities like London, it’s easy to see why!

London is such a popular destination for families and young professionals looking to relocate, especially as it’s one of the most vibrant places to live and work. We’ve put together a guide with advice and information to help make moving to London from overseas  stress-free and plain sailing.

Our maps also highlight that Australia is the most popular destination to move to from the UK, and as a percentage of population, it’s more popular to move to than any other major English speaking country in the world. Perhaps it’s the promise of sun-kissed beaches and sub-tropical rainforests that appeal to British people, or maybe it’s the opportunity for a new career with Australia’s strong economy and low unemployment rate.

Whatever the reason for an international move, a new life in Australia might be the next step in your life and one that can be made smoother with the help of our international removal companies at reallymoving.com.

Further UK insights from our international maps:

  • Australia and the UK each have the other as their most popular destination

  • Poland is the #2 source of movers to the UK (behind India, ahead of Pakistan)

  • Greenland has the least amount of moves to the UK – with only 59

  • Only 1 country in the top 5 moves from the UK is a European country (Spain)

At reallymoving.com, we know that moving abroad is a big decision. That’s why you might want to consider an international removals company to help make your move even smoother if you’re moving to Australia, the United States of America or any other country oversees.

Compare international moving costs with our free, no obligation online form and ensure your move abroad is in safe hands.

Use our interactive map to discover other popular places in the world where British people are moving to and from, and find further information on moving abroad. For an estimate on how much it might cost you to move abroad, take a look at our international moving cost calculator at reallymoving.com.


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