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London Moving Trends

  1. 11 November 2015
  2. By Rob Houghton

Ever wondered where people move to and from within London?  No?  OK, we'll tell you anyway.

Current trends in London postcode population movement

Thickness of the line indicates weight in numbers 
Arrows indicate predominant direction of travel
Only highest volume routes shown


Of the 1.5 million people that have used reallymoving.com to get quotes for their move around 20% are to, from or within London.  Of that 20%: 3% are from London, 7% are to London and 10% are moves within London.

Looking at the 140,000 that are moving within London we've analysed the main routes we see, which we've summarised on the map above.

South Londoners are itchy footed

There are many more moves within South London than north - although there are slightly more (10%) people in South London than North, the average number of moves per household is 23% higher in South than North London.  North London is in line with the UK average.

North Londoners don't like moving south, & vice versa.  Only 10% of London movers cross the river.

61% of North London movers stay within North London.  10% move to South London and the remaining 29% move out of London

66% of South London movers stay within South London.  11% move to North London and the remaining 23% move out of London

There are 3 times more moves from inner to outer London than outer to inner.

This is perhaps unsurprising as our data is in large part based on removals lorry bookings - many of the moves to inner London will be either starter moves or small moves, so will not require a removals lorry.

Londoners are less loyal than the UK average to their local area

43% of Londoners move within their current postcode area, 38% in North London and 46% in South London.  These are all lower than the UK average of 49%, perhaps unsurprisingly given that London postcode areas are relatively small: a 9 mile move (the UK median average distance) is much more likely to be to a new a different area than in a large rural area.

The most popular move routes within London are:

  • South West (SW) to South East (SW)
  • South East (SE) to Bromley (BR)
  • South West (SW) to Kingston (KT)
  • South East (SE) to Dartford (DA)
  • North (N) to East (E)
  • West(W) to South West (SW)
  • North (N) to Enfield (EN)
  • South East (SE) to South West (SW)
  • Twickenham (TW) to Kingston (KT)
  • East (E) to South East (SE)

Over 200,000 home movers per year use reallymoving.com to get quotes for removals, conveyancing & surveys.  We analyse that data to provide insights on moving patterns within the UK and overseas.  If you have any comments or questions about this data, or if there are any other ways we may be able to help you, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below, or get in touch via [email protected].


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