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New home rituals for Halloween

  1. 25 October 2017
  2. By Andi Michael

You’ve done the hard stuff – you’ve found a conveyancing solicitor, you’ve picked a property, had it surveyed, made an offer, and had it accepted. Now you’re standing on the precipice of the house that will become your home. 

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d explore how different cultures keep those nasty new home ghouls away.

Here are our top tips from around the world:

Light it up 

Many countries focus on lighting candles in the new home to cast out any negative energy or spirits. The Chinese also suggest shining a light into corners, cupboards and nooks. Not to look for ghouls or ghosts, but to tell them where to hide from now on. Everybody puts Ghosty in the corner.

Ensure a tasty life 

In the Russian Jewish tradition, bread and salt should always be brought into a new home first. This ensures that the new owners will never go hungry, and that their life will always be flavoursome. We wondered whether you get to decide how flavoursome your life is – perhaps switch the salt for chilli flakes, and the bread for donuts?

Demand Catisfaction 

In Russia it is good luck for a cat to cross the threshold of your new home before you do. This is such a standard that a mortgage provider in Russia even includes a free two hour loan of a cat of your choice on moving day. We hope that doesn’t mean it takes two hours to get the cat into the house. Although if you’ve got any critters in your new home, your lucky cat may be able to help with that too!

Smudge away

Native Americans suggest smudging a new dwelling with sage, to remove any negative energy in a room. Make sure you get the smoke in all of the corners, so those nasty nuggets of bad energy can’t hide away. So first use a light to push those ghouls into the corners, then smoke them out with sage – look, you’re not only a new homeowner, you’re a newly trained ghostbuster!

Clean Broom, Clean Room 

Of course, the English tradition would be incredibly practical. Always buy a new broom when entering a new home. It means you’re not bringing previous problems to your new home (both literally and figuratively). Apparently, the broom holds all the remnants of the negative experiences in your last home. Also, who wants to transport a dirty broom to their new home? You need to carry your broom with you the first time you step over the threshold, though we can’t tell if this is just very practical advice to encourage you to get cleaning. Celebrate your new purchase with a bottle of bubbly and a brand new mop and broom. New beginnings!

Make it rain money

In the Philippines, coins are often sprinkled in every room of the house, to ensure good fortune whilst you live there. You’ve just splashed the cash on a new home – it can’t hurt to invite a little money back. 


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