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Reallymoving community day – RSPCA Southridge

  1. 15 October 2018
  2. By Andi Michael

A big part of who we are as a company is finding ways to give back. That’s why every year we do a community day, leaving the office to volunteer our services.

In the past couple of years we’ve planted trees, and coppiced them. As a tech company, it’s great to get outdoors and do more physical work away from our screens. It also really helps us work together as a team.

As we’ve grown quite dramatically in the last few years, it took some thought as to how a group of 27 of us could get involved and help out a local charity or cause.

We got in touch with Southridge RSPCA centre, who rescue, house and care for a wide variety of animals, readying them for adoption.

We spent the day helping out around the centre with a variety of tasks, including building paths, mucking out stables, horseboxes and pens, cleaning down the gazebo ahead of winter fundraising events and clearing up after a few very messy horses!

Our guide gave us a breakdown of the history of the RSPCA, how they work and what kind of animals they look after, as well as how they rehabilitate them ready for adoption.

We were pleased to get to visit some of the lovely animals they were taking care of – there were definitely a few of us who wanted to take home the dogs and kittens we saw!

Our community day, like the others we’ve taken part in, was hard work but incredibly fulfilling. As a large group it was great to be able to support a local charity and get outdoors. We were also incredibly lucky with the excellent weather!

As a service focused on helping people into their homes, it felt good to focus on the importance of homes not just for humans, but our animal friends too.


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