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Really Spooky - surveyor's ghost stories

  1. 24 October 2018
  2. By Andi Michael

You get a survey to assess to state of a property - not usually to find ghosts! Here our surveyors share their spooky stories of the properties they wish they hadn't entered...

It’s that time of year again – carving pumpkins, horror movies are on TV and across the land little hands are banging on doors demanding sweets from strangers.

The one thing you can depend on, when you’re scared, is hiding out at home under the covers.
But what if your house is the thing you needed to fear?

With 39% of British people believing in haunted houses, we asked a few of our partners and our staff members whether they’d experienced the supernatural.

From haunting surveys to surprise finds on visits, check out our top creepy stories around property this Halloween.

‘Bob’s your uncle’ – from Arnold and Baldwin Surveyors

I was undertaking a Building Survey on a 3-bed semi-detached house in South London and, when I turned the key in the door I suddenly felt my chest tighten and became short of breath.

Something didn't feel quite right - I thought there might be a carbon monoxide issue in the house, so I opened the windows and doors to allow the air to flow through the property. 

I continued to feel uneasy in the property, so went outside to inspect the roof and structure, while I hoped I would be able to pull myself together.

When I came back inside to set up my ladders and get into the loft, I placed my iPad (which I use to data capture in the property) on the side with the screen lock on. I entered the loft and had a good look around. I found some damp to the chimney stack and some timber issues, so climbed back down the ladder to get my iPad to record what I had found. 

When picking up the iPad I had a massive shock. 

“Bob” was written on the screen.

I spoke to the neighbour and they confirmed that an elderly lady had lived in the property for 50 years and they didn't know a Bob who lived there. The identity of Bob remains a mystery.

Unfortunately, Bob didn't help me to write up the rest of my survey!

‘Don’t lose your head’ – from Chartex Surveyors

I once climbed up the stairs of a three story abandoned old townhouse - whilst doing an inspection on my own - to be greeted by this sat in the middle of the room! 

I nearly had a heart attack. 
I later found out that the property was used as a tailors, which was a relief!

‘Scaredy Cat’ – Goldcrest Surveyors


It was our first house after getting married in the early 70s. The house was a 1910 semi that had one previous owner and the old chap that lived there had recently died. I am not sure whether he died in the bedroom or not, but one night around midnight, my new wife sat bolt upright in bed and screamed that she could see someone in the corner of the room.

She went to sleep straight away, after scaring me half to death. However, we had a tabby cat at the time and from that day on, the cat flatly refused to go in the bedroom. I tried taking it in the bedroom one day and it virtually tore up the carpet trying to get out of the room.

Needless to say, we moved out of the house ASAP and bought a new one!

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a supernatural survey, but it does raise the point – always ask about the history of your property, especially if it’s been priced surprisingly low. You never know what kind of ghastly history or creepy ghouls may be hiding in the shadows…


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