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Awards and their place in the moving home industry

  1. 29 September 2016
  2. By Rosie Rogers

Reallymoving.com recently sponsored an award at the LFS Conveyancing Awards. We consider the awards industry with in the world of moving home services.

Everyone wants their work to be recognised and celebrated, which is what makes awards events such special, magical occasions.  Awards ceremonies celebrate the hard work, dedication and commitment of businesses and individuals, granting them a well-deserved moment in the sun. 

Following reallymoving’s recent sponsorship of the award for Best Website at the LFS Conveyancing Awards, (won by Stephensons a leading law firm based in the North West of England), it got us to thinking: what is the value of such awards within the property industry? Do they make a difference? Can they enhance a reputation?

First, we should take a look at the biggest awards events in the world of property. There are hundreds of different awards – and many awards nights – in the property industry, covering a wide range of bases. 

Two of the biggest for estate agents are The ESTAS (hosted by property TV royalty Phil Spencer) and The Property Awards (which will celebrate its 22nd year in 2017), both held at The Grosvenor.  Another major set is the Estate Agency of the Year Awards, sponsored by Zoopla, The Sunday Times and The Times. 

Of course, the property industry is a broad church, which is why there is also a place for the LFS Conveyancing Awards, the First Time Buyer Awards - which covers many aspects of buying a home from conveyancing to new developments – to the British Association of Removers awards for Domestic Mover of the Year amongst many others in the home moving industry.

But what is the actual impact of these industry awards? Do they really help? 

In most cases an agency, a conveyancing firm or industry supplier will put themselves forward for an award by entering before the set deadline. 

For many, it’s not the prospect of a shiny prize – although that, of course, is a very nice bonus – but the opportunity to reward and motivate staff, grow a business, boost a reputation or give extra confidence to customers. 

An award is all well and good, but it’s far from the whole story.  An award brings kudos – it can be used as an indicator of quality.  It provides a useful badge for websites and stationery to create a trust element for new and existing clients.  Think of the world of entertainment for a minute. A Bafta, Oscar, Grammy or Olivier award elevates and distinguishes; this badge of honour alone enhances reputations and brings in more work. 

It’s the same with football, where Ballon d’Or and Golden Boot winners are revered above all else.  Restaurants, too. A Michelin star award is an immediate sign of high quality, high standards and high values. 

An award increases, enhances and affirms reputation, all at the same time. 

Taking home a gilded trophy also has a positive effect on staff morale – celebrating success together at the event, driven by commitment, passion, hard work and shared values, can give all team members a sense of pride and satisfaction.  Winning an award at an industry event is one of the best team-bonding exercises around, a moment of shared joy and camaraderie.  It is also a great testament to have in a cabinet on display to visitors to your business. 

It’s unlikely that winning an award alone will generate new business or even retain existing business.  What it does do, though, is offer a weapon with which to grow and expand a business. You can use the award – and the recognisable logo that comes with it – as part of your marketing strategy.  You can subtly remind customers and potential customers of it at regular intervals. You can point to how your ethos, values and positive attributes all contributed towards winning the award. 

Entering awards can take quite a bit of time – which means many don’t enter or send in rushed applications – but as we can see above, there are many advantages to sticking your head above the parapet. 

The awards events themselves are also an excellent way of networking, sharing ideas and comparing and contrasting marketing strategies. 

People from across the property spectrum – from agents to conveyancers and removals firms get to mingle together, which will often prove invaluable.

Whether you win or not, the evidence would suggest that taking the time to send in a really well-thought out and positive entry and a great opportunity to evaluate your business.


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