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Moving home from Uni - Tips to make the transition painless

  1. 07 September 2017
  2. By Andi Michael

Moving home at the end of university can be a sad and difficult time – saying goodbye to friends, your university town and your routine. However, if you’re returning home to live with parents, or you’re off to greener pastures, there are ways to make the move easier.

Plan where you’re going

You know when the end of the academic year is. If you’re privately renting, look up when your rental agreement ends. There is nothing worse than realising you have less time than you thought to pack up and leave. If there’s a gap in the end of one lease and your new living arrangements, see if you can stay at a friend’s for a few days, rather than travelling large distances only to stay for a minimal amount of time.

Clear Everything Out

You will have collected a lot of pointless items over the years. Perhaps they mean something, perhaps they don’t. If you can’t sell things, and don’t want to throw them away, question if you need them. Is nostalgia getting the better of you? On the other hand, if you’re tempted to throw away your student bedding and towels because you want a new start, consider how expensive your new start is already going to be.

Arrange storage

If you’re leaving campus university accommodation, but will be returning next year, don’t bother taking everything back home again. University towns will have storage facilities that probably offer good student rates. See how much it costs to store things for the summer. Similarly, if you’re not sure where you’re moving yet, put items into storage, especially if there’s a big distance between your university and your short-term accommodation.

Book movers in advance

If there’s suddenly a student exodus every summer, make sure you book your moving vans in advance. Be clear about how many boxes and items you have, and on the dates and addresses. Planning in advance will mean you get a good rate, and you’re not stuck calling mum and dad to drive miles and miles to help you out. Not such a mighty return.

Leave your rental accommodation clean and tidy

You’ve paid a deposit, and you want it back. Make sure you leave the property in the same state you found it. You may think that poster and those blankets improve the living room, but if there’s too many things left in the house, your agent or landlord might be irritated. Don’t leave cleaning to the last minute, and make sure you drag in all of your housemates to help. If certain people are leaving earlier, agree on what they need to do. You all paid a deposit, after all.

Follow up on the paperwork

Assign someone to deal with the estate agent and follow up on the deposits. Ensure someone else calls to cancel all the bills. You don’t want to continue being charged for the internet after you’ve left.

Leaving university, whether it’s first year accommodation, or final year, can be awkward to organise, because everyone around you is doing the same thing. Make sure you’re organised and don’t just assume your parents will collect things, or the landlord will be happy to have you stay a couple of extra nights. If you organise everything in advance, you’re less likely to lose, break or forget important items, and remain friends with your housemates too.

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