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Conveyancing costs in Scotland

Reallymoving.com have put together a range of conveyancing costs that you will need to consider if you buy or sell a property in Scotland.

Conveyancing costs in Scotland

At the time of writing, the average conveyancing cost to purchase a freehold property is £448. These fees include VAT but do not take into consideration other disbursements which include, Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT), search pack fees and bank transfers. 

Legal fees

The costs for basic conveyancing transactions in Scotland usually include:
  • Fees for handling the case
  • Legal guidance
  • Costs for the solicitor’s time
  • Administration costs (e.g. photocopying and postal charges)
VAT will be added to any legal fees that the solicitor charges. If there are any additional costs your conveyancer should make you aware of these from the beginning.

For example, the average conveyancing costs in Scotland for a freehold property including VAT and excluding other disbursements are:

Property price band


Up to £125,000


Up to £250,000


Up to £325,000


Up to £500,000


Up to £750,000


Up to £1,000,000





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Conveyancing disbursements and outlays in Scotland

On top of any basic legal fees that the solicitor charges, there are also a range of third party costs that you will need to consider. These are known as disbursements or outlays. We have listed the buying and selling disbursements and outlays that are required.

Purchasing a property

Telegraphic transfer fee (£20-£40 plus VAT): If funds need to be transferred to buy your property there will be a transfer charge by your bank.

Registration Dues-Creation of standard security (£60): If you require a mortgage for your new property, this fee will be added to your conveyancing costs.

Registration Dues-Creation of interest in Land (£60-£7,500): Fee applies to register your title with the Land Register of Scotland. These costs are based on the value of your property and can be paid online using the Automated Registration of Title to Land system (ARTL) or in paper format. The breakdown of fees is as follows:

Value (£)

Paper (£)

ARTL (£)

Up to £50,000



Up to £100,000



Up to £150,000



Up to £200,000



Up to £300,000



Up to £500,000



Up to £700,000



Up to £1,000,000



Up to £2,000,000



Up to £3,000,000



Up to £5,000,000



Over £5,000,000



Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT): Since April 2015, stamp duty in Scotland has been called Land and Buildings Transaction Tax, the fixed price bands are below:

Purchase price bands (£)

LBTT percentage rate (%)

Up to £145,000


Above £145,001 to £250,000


Above £250,001 to £325,000


Above £325,001 to £750,000


Over £750,000


Please note that if you are purchasing a second home or Buy to Let property there will be a 3% surcharge.

Selling a property

Telegraphic transfer fee (£20-£40 plus VAT): If you have a current mortgage that needs to be paid off a fee will be charged to transfer the money.

Local search (£60-£100): This is a search carried out by your local authority and the fee will vary depending on your local authority.

Search pack fee (£120-£200): Solicitors in Scotland may sometimes quote a search pack fee. Costs will vary but may include local searches, drainage searches and environmental searches.

Mining search (£45): An additional cost will incur if you require a mining search. This is only necessary if the property is in an area of past mining activity.

Advance notice (£10): A notice which protects a deed that is intended to be registered in 35 days.

Registration Dues-Discharge of Standard Security (£60): If you are selling a property with a mortgage this fee will apply.

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Last reviewed March 2016.


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