How to take good photos to market your home

When you put your home on the market, your estate agent will probably arrange to visit your property to take pictures that will be added to the information pack for your home

How to take good photos to market your home

Estate agents have to take many photos of property, and may not have the time to spend setting up the shot to look just so. Because of this, the photos that end up in your property pack, and online, can be quick snaps that don’t do your home justice and don’t look tempting to prospective buyers.

It is important for your photos to look enticing, since this is what most buyers base their decisions on when choosing properties to view. Making a good impression at this point will increase your chance of attracting viewers, who can then turn into buyers. So why not put some extra time in and have a go at taking your own marketing photos to sell your home?

Here are some tips to give it your best ‘shot’:

Make your rooms light

A dingy-looking room can be off-putting to potential viewers, so try to get as much light in to your rooms as possible. Clean your windows as this can make a big difference. Open curtains wide and turn on all the lights if need be. Putting up a mirror will also reflect light back into the room and create the illusion of having more space, but don’t get caught in the reflection when taking your photo.

Move all your clutter out

Clear, uncluttered surfaces look great in photos, so remove all unnecessary items and leave just the key pieces of furniture. Leave a few accent pieces to keep it looking homely but make sure you use impersonal items like candles or flowers, rather than a framed photo. Remove bins from any area you are going to photograph.

Take your time to set up your rooms for your marketing photographs. Experiment with different furniture layouts to see what works best.


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No pets

Dog, cat, tortoise… whatever pet you may have, it’s probably best to leave your little friend out of the spotlight as, sadly, not everyone will like him or her as much as you do, and it could detract from the main point of your photo – to show off your home.

Where to stand?

In order to get the best perspective, you might need to think creatively about where you stand to take your pictures. Stand right in the corners of your rooms, in doorways or even in wardrobes so that you fit the most you possibly can into your shot.

Look at home magazines for ideas and pay attention to how the professionals set up their rooms for a photo shoot and what kind of angles they choose to take the picture from.

Photographing the exterior

If you can, wait for a nice sunny day to take your outside photos. Mow the lawn beforehand if you need to, and don’t leave your car on the driveway.

Lastly, there is no need to take dozens of photographs. Between 6 and 10 is a good amount to be able to showcase the best features of your home.

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