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Kerb appeal – what it is and how to achieve it

Discover important tips on how to achieve kerb appeal to help you market and sell your home.

Kerb appeal – what it is and how to achieve it

When property experts talk about ‘kerb appeal,’ they are referring to the first impression that a property makes when viewing it from the outside. Homes with real kerb appeal look smart, well cared for and easy to maintain.
Giving your home’s exterior a bit of extra attention can help to entice more potential buyers to look inside. Read on for our top tips for great kerb appeal.

Where to begin?

When you have become used to the place you live, it is easy to overlook the small details potential buyers will look out for when inspecting your home. It is this attention to detail that will really count when you are trying to attract a buyer.
When selling your home, you need to demonstrate that your property is well looked after. A good way to find out what improvements your home needs is to take a few steps back, and try to imagine your property through the eyes of someone who has never seen it before. Look at your home from across the street. Are you pleased by what you see or are there any areas that need attention? Make notes of your findings and spend some time deciding how you will address these issues.
If you notice any flaws that may be down to structural problems, it is recommended that you get the advice of a Chartered Surveyor, who will be able to suggest the best way of dealing with them.

Spruce up your front door

Your front door can tempt a potential buyer inside your home to see more, or it can make them want to run a mile, so the very first thing you should do is make sure your front door is up to scratch. If their grand tour begins in a grim and dusty porch in front of a peeling front doorway, that uneasy feeling can be difficult to shake, even if your interior is immaculate.
To remove old paint from your front door, use paint stripper and sandpaper. You will then be able to re-paint using a primer coat, followed by an undercoat and two topcoats. If you have a wooden front door and wish to retain the natural wood look, use a good quality, UV resistant varnish. It may also be a good idea to replace old door knockers, the letter box flap and handles. This will get the very best out of your front door and provide a fresh entrance to house hunters.
Adding a coat of paint and some shiny new fittings doesn’t cost a lot and will be well worth the effort.

If you have a doorbell, you should also make sure that it is in working order. 


A fresh coat of paint can provide a complete face-lift for your property. It is important to choose a colour that suits both your property and its setting. If you need inspiration, refer to the colours your neighbours have used for their homes. 

You will also need to make sure that all your exterior woodwork looks neat and tidy, so check whether your windowsills need repainting or staining.

Check outdoor lighting

When was the last time you made sure that your outdoor lighting was all working correctly? Walk around your property after dark and make a note of any bulbs that need replacing.

Have your windows cleaned

Cleaning your windows can make a big difference to your property’s facade. It will also let more light into your rooms and brighten up the inside of your property, too.

Neaten up the garden

Trim hedges, mow the lawn regularly and sweep all the pathways. The garden is an important part of a property for many people, so the way you set it up can really help sell your house.
If you have a garden, try to set it up so it appeals to the type of person you are marketing your property to. If your home would suit a first time buyer, setting up an area with some garden furniture will emphasise the potential for entertaining. If you are selling to parents, make the most of any open space as a great play area for children. 

Install tubs and containers

If your garden needs brightening up, some well-placed colourful pots can work wonders to enhance your outside space, especially if your garden is small. The great thing about container gardens is that you can take the tubs and pots with you when you move. Plant brightly coloured flowers in summer; in winter, various textured grasses should do the trick nicely.

Scatter wildflower seeds

Try scattering some wildflower seeds in early springtime if your flowerbeds are a bit bare; this can give just the splash of colour that they need. Wildflowers tend to be quite hardy and are low-maintenance if you aren’t the enthusiastic gardener! The seeds don’t cost much from garden centres, and the flowers are also great for wildlife, attracting beautiful butterflies and bees to your garden.

Conceal your dustbins

Put your dustbins and recycling bins out of sight, if you can, when you have a viewing arranged. It’s unlikely that having them on display will seriously deter buyers, but clearing them away will improve the general presentation of your home and make it more appealing.
You may find that just by making a few simple changes like this, your property will seem far more attractive to buyers, and you can then begin to look for a property solicitor to help you sell your home.


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