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Top tips for downsizing your home

'Downsizing your home' is the process of reducing your overheads by moving into a smaller or cheaper property.

Top tips for downsizing your home

There may come a time when you consider downsizing your family home. Whether your children have flown the nest or you are simply looking at reducing your cost of living, there are numerous opportunities to consolidate living space and make the transition of downsizing much easier.

Formulate a list of ‘must haves’

This is the best way to ensure you take only necessary everyday items to your new, smaller home. Common sense suggests you will not be able to fit all your worldly goods into a smaller home and therefore you should highlight the items you may consider selling or find new homes for via family and friends.

Get a feel for dimensions of your new rooms

The best way to appreciate the size of the rooms in your new home is to use a room in your current house with similar dimensions to test room layouts with your furniture. This may be a reality check but it is also the best way to fully appreciate the amount of items that will be left unused following any house removals – giving you more time to prepare storage or to sell them on. If you are in any doubt, measure up!

Get an outside opinion

If you are struggling to decide which items to get rid of it may be best to get an outside opinion from a friend or relative who will be able to provide an objective view on furniture or products that should be retained or sold on as they have no emotional attachment to your goods.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Whilst there is a great temptation to simply bin tired furnishings and products that you don’t wish to take to your new downsized home, you should always look to recycle your items if they have no sell-on value. Not only is this environmentally friendly, a trip to the landfill and recycle site will instantly take a weight off your mind.

For more advice about recyling your possessions, view our article, Recycling when moving home.

Maintain a positive attitude

Moving home is very much an exciting event but it can also be very stressful if things don’t go to plan. Especially if you are downsizing your home it is important to remain positive throughout. Ensure you make room for necessary mementos for your new home and acquaint yourself with the surroundings and amenities of your home particularly if it is located in a new town or city.

For information on upsizing, check out our article: key tips for moving into a bigger house.


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