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Selling your house yourself or using an estate agent?

  1. Trish from Tunbridge Wells
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I’m about to put my house on the market and not sure whether I should use an estate agent. What are your thoughts on trying to sell your house yourself, rather than using an estate agent?


Hi Trish. As much as we all love to loathe estate agents, I think they provide a really important service that is often underestimated.

Estate agents can give you a set of price guidelines, handle the negotiations which can sometimes be fraught and if you are at work, you don't want to have irate purchasers chasing you. They are also expert at taking quality photographs to promote your home to its best advantage.

Finally, from a female perspective, I am not keen on the thought of showing strangers round every nook and cranny in my home. The Estate Agent will also be available to show round potential buyers when you may not be in which would increase the number of people that can see your home and, hopefully, fall in love with it.

However, estate agents do charge a healthy sum so try to negotiate. You can choose between both online and high street estate agents, so there are options to help you find the best estate agent for you.

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