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How to give personality to a rented bathroom

You may not be able to rip it out and start again, but the bathroom in your rented home can still reflect your design ideas and personality

How to give personality to a rented bathroom

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Joanna Simmons, Houzz Contributor

Almost nobody renting their home will be prepared to take out its bathroom and install a new one. That scale of work is for a landlord, not a tenant, to undertake. But if you’re renting, how can you boost your bathroom’s appeal and inject some much-needed personality? It’s all about bringing attractive and hard-working pieces into the space and then trying some inventive styling. These simple ideas and tricks will help your rented bathroom to look beautiful and work brilliantly, too.

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Stick ’em up

Personalise a plain shower screen, wall or tiling with some cheerful stickers. So long as they’re not likely to get wet directly, they should work beautifully in a bathroom. When it’s time to move out, you can peel them off without damaging the surface beneath.


Photo by Colin Cadle Photography - Discover eclectic bathroom design inspiration

Pull in some plants

Plants often thrive in the moisture-rich atmosphere of a bathroom, and they instantly warm up the space and give it life, colour and personality. Try a tall ficus plant or retro cheese plant, or simply dot a few tiny succulents along a windowsill to bring welcome character.

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Rustic Bathroom

Photo by Urbanara UK - More rustic bathroom ideas

Add portable towel storage

Ladder-style towel rails are brilliant in any bathroom, as they can easily be moved around the space. They are ideal in a rented bathroom, too, adding valuable storage to a space that may not have anywhere for you to hang a towel or dressing gown.

Choose a ladder with broader treads and you could also use these to store small trinket or toothbrush pots, as well as lotions and potions. Simply grab and go when it’s time to move on.

Town house bathroom

Photo by Aston Matthews - Browse traditional bathroom ideas

Hang a picture

The high moisture levels in a bathroom mean it’s not the obvious place to hang a picture, as the dampness could damage the art. That said, artwork looks great in a bathroom and can dramatically restyle a simple rented space. If the room is a good size and well ventilated, moisture shouldn’t be such an issue, so don’t rule out hanging up a piece of art or a striking print.

South Melbourne Family Home

Photo by Studio Stamp - Browse eclectic bathroom photos

Prop up a mirror

A mirror is essential in a bathroom, but rather than damage any surface with picture hooks, choose a large-scale piece and prop it against a wall. In a rented bathroom that’s seen better days, this will also cover damage or marks on the wall and will help to improve light levels and boost the sense of space.

Bathroom Remodel

Photo by Making Spaces - More contemporary bathroom ideas

Repurpose a piece

Bring in furniture that wasn’t originally intended for use in the bathroom and invent a new role for it. This is a cost-effective way to add some personality and functionality to a rented bathroom. Here, a distressed wooden chair now works as a place to pop a plant.

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Go for freestanding furniture

A simple shelving unit will not only supply crucial storage space, it can dramatically cheer up a dull bathroom. Simply use it as storage, or get arty and display favourite pieces on it, too.

Victorian House S. East London

Photo by Alison Hammond Photography - Browse eclectic bathroom ideas

Find a new identity

A good way to personalise your bathroom is to give it a new role. Perhaps it can also become your clothes-drying space (as here), a guitar-playing venue or the home of a treasured collection. Try to wink at its failings as a bathroom and give it a positive new identity!

Bachelor Loft Apartment

Photo by Cathy Phillips & Co - More contemporary bathroom photos

Choose bright towels

OK, so you can’t change the fittings or fabric of the bathroom in your rented home, but you can at least ramp up the comfort levels by adding quality details. So invest instead in good toiletries, bright towels and a beautiful bath mat.

Tidy and style

A tired or unmodernised bathroom in a rented home will not be improved by being messy, too. So be sure to tidy your bottles, towels and toiletries away and then personalise the space with a well-styled vignette. A plant and a couple of ornaments will suffice and the sense of order will distract from any shabbiness.


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