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Make your rented bedrooms your own with these creative ideas

You don’t need to own your house to make it feel like home. These chic bedrooms brim with the kind of style even a landlord will love

Make your rented bedrooms your own with these creative ideas

Joanna Simmons, Houzz Contributor
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The restrictions in your rental contract may prevent you from turning your bedroom into the boudoir of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a stylish nudge in that direction.

Think about objects you can bring into the space to make it feel more personal and remember to get creative with what already exists. From colourful light switch hacks to investing in quality bedding, these clever ways to personalise your sleep space will help you avoid living in a rental rut.

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Upcycle artfully

A dated chest of drawers, snapped up in a junk shop, can be creatively upcycled to look great and provide super-useful bedside storage.

Try painting the drawers in different shades, source unusual and mismatched knobs, or simply strip off a tired paint job and let the beauty of the real wood shine through.

Woollhara Terrace

Add a huge mirror

An oversized mirror brings a dramatic element to any room, and boosts both the light and sense of space. Simply stand it against a wall and – hey presto – your room has doubled in size and a wall of dodgy paintwork has been cleverly concealed.

Sydenham Home

Hang some fairy lights

An inexpensive chain of fairy lights can do so much to cheer up and soften the feel of a rented bedroom. These colourful globe shades look jolly whether they’re switched on or off, while their warm glow will magically warm up a simple space.

Tori Murphy Living Inspiration

Big up the bed

Invest in great bed linen that will last for years to make a gorgeous feature of your bed. OK, maybe you can’t paint the bedroom walls or put up shelves, but you can introduce pattern, texture and colour by simply layering the bed with beautiful bedding, cushions and throws.

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House Nerd - Master Bedroom

Stick to it!

Grab some colourful washi tape and get creative with your bedroom’s fixtures and fittings. Bog-standard white switches or plug points can become works of art with the addition of a few vibrant strips. Then simply peel off the tape when it’s time to leave.

Victorian House Southfields

Check your head

A bold headboard will brighten up a bedroom in no time and it’s easy to make a pretty, fabric-covered one like this.

To create a padded headboard, fix foam to a piece of plywood using a staple gun, then attach your fabric in the same way, or simply drape it over.

f you don’t have tabletop bedside lights, you can opt for the fashionable pendant-light-over-the-bed idea, but without having to wire lights in. Simply plug pendant lights in by the side of the bed (you can buy ready-made ones with the plugs attached or get an electrician to swap the fixings for a plug), and then hang them over your headboard.

Remember to take the necessary safety precautions, such as choosing bulbs that won’t get hot and using fire-retardant foam for your padded headboard.

Fun and playful Residence

Create a quirky table

Love the industrial look but finding it sorely lacking in your rented bedroom? Bring some gorgeous grit to your scheme with a home-made bedside unit fashioned from breeze blocks.

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Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington, London

Rethink bedside lighting

Who says you need a bedside table with a lamp on it, or neatly chased-in wall lights? This bedroom sports a vintage floor lamp with a granny-chic shade for extra charm.

The floor lamp supplements the light from the ceiling pendant, while the light levels are boosted even further by the freestanding mirror that’s being ingeniously used as a striking headboard.

Discover more floor lamps to bring this idea to your bedroom

Winchelsea Beach

Include vintage finds

Vintage pieces come with lots of personality built in and, often, it’s the items intended for use anywhere but a bedroom that work the best. These old window shutters have been reimagined as a unique headboard, but they could also be simply propped against a wall to create a relaxed artwork.

My Houzz: Rena Thiagarajan

Punctuate a white scheme

A simple white bedroom makes a pleasant, clean backdrop, but it can look a little bland. Luckily, adding a little personality is easy. Propping and hanging up your possessions will boost interest, and neither method will damage the walls or offend your landlord.

Here, a mirror is propped on top of a chest of drawers with pretty beads hanging from it, while a bright runner peps up the chest itself and a colourful jacket displayed on a hanger becomes an inexpensive artwork.


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