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We have a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified and with extensive experience in logistics, distribution, transport and international removals. All this means that we can provide the best service, whether by land, sea or air; We always export and import goods with the best quality price ratio. We only work directly with the best shipping companies and customs agents, guaranteeing the trace-ability and security of your move. International Associate of the British Association of Removers (BAR)

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1.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 review

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- Depts don’t communicate between them causing confusion and misunderstandings. - Owner is the worst of them all. Arrogant and even had the gall to cancel my removal once stored saying I hadn’t paid when I had. - furniture came with two boxes missing and have not come back to me about the boxes. - even though I left clear instructions via video and written of what I wanted picked up because I couldn’t be there (but my mother who is elderly was). They still didn’t pick up three additional furniture I requested. - beware the final price without tax. Make sure you calculate the tax on top as price changes significantly. - beware misleading contract it looks as if you pay a deposit then another payment and a final payment on arrival. But that is not the case. One must pay full amount before leaving the country and now I have two boxes missing and they have not even come back to me on that yet. This was two weeks ago. - I asked for enough notice to organise myself before arrival and they texted and called in alarm 18 hours before arrival with absolutely no advance warning whatsoever. - I asked for clarity from the beginning to avoid any nasty surprises and got a nasty surprise one after another. Worse part I would say is how misleading the contract can be when not read with minute detail; the lack of communication between departments and finally the owner being just an awful unprofessional and very unpleasant human being. Really Moving should recommend proper companies and not shambolic ones like WillMove.

Many thanks for your comments which we very much appreciate as they help us grow as a Company. I would like to make some comments, which we consider not to be well reflected: - Communications: we don’t understand the reason for this comment. We do consider there is a good communication between the different departments of our office. - As far as I recall we never made any cancellations to your removal. I can say that I recall having spoken to you saying that if the payment was not received we would not be able to deliver. The payment terms are in our quote, and therefore don’t think this is accurate. On the other hand the person who made the payment wrote “Mudanza Yolanda”. Mudanza being a removal in Spanish is too ambiguous so as to know who could have paid and we had you as Carmen not Yolanda. Last but not least we ask all our clients to make sure to mention their client number in all payments so we can trace who has paid. This was not your case. - Two missing boxes and 1 chest, I understand that you refer to 2 boxes and the chest that were not collected by the crew. Which did check with your mother if all the goods had been collected. This was even signed and confirmed by your mother. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for this sort of matters, this is sole resxponsibility of the person that is moving, not the crew. - VAT. It is impossible for us to know beforehand if VAT is or not applicable to a European Removal and therefore VAT is excluded from our quotes. In the second page you signed forth bullet point in BOLD Black (the only bold black on the page) says that VAT is excluded form the quote. - Payment. There is no room for a misunderstanding as the quote says: a) 10% upon confirmation. b) 40% on collection day c) 50% prior the goods leave the country. This is very clear the payment must be done before the goods leave the country NOT on delivery. - Information on delivery date. I understand that for a part load service 18 hours should be a reasonable time. However, if you recall we asked you if you could receive the gods on a specific date and you told us you would check with the storage. We hope we have been able to clarify the points you were not happy with. Thomas J Willmott Managing Director