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How much does it cost to move abroad from the UK?

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to move abroad and start a new chapter in your life overseas?

Our International Moving Cost Calculator provides an easy way to get an estimate of the cost to move to anywhere in the world.

We've summarised the average cost to move a 3 bed house from London to the capitals in the map below (using the cheapest of road, sea or air travel). You can click on the countries on the map to see the prices.

Cost to move a 3 bed home from London to other capitals:

When our survey asked people how much they thought it would cost to move to Australia for example, 64 per cent estimated it would be more than it actually is (approximately £4,500 for a typical 3-bed house) with 12 per cent estimating it would cost over £15,000!

Unsurprisingly, the cheaper countries to move to from London were the closest nations such as Ireland, France and the Netherlands, costing £1,000. Meanwhile, the most expensive places to move to include China, India and many other parts of south-east Asia, with average moving costs totalling £6,000.

Rob Houghton, Director, reallymoving.com, said: “It seems moving abroad is no longer a pipedream with the increased quality of mobile and online technology allowing easy contact with family and friends and even the office. It’s a tangible and achievable option.”

So where would people like to live if they were to move out of the UK?

Our survey found that the most desirable location to move to is currently the United States (14 per cent), closely followed by Australia (13 per cent) and then Spain (12 per cent). New Zealand and France rank joint-fourth with each country polling eight per cent of the vote.

However, when we asked our respondents where they believe most expats move to, almost two-thirds (60 per cent) felt Spain was the most likely destination, with 23 per cent saying Australia and 11 per cent believing it was France.

If you are interested in finding out more you can view the full results of our survey.

If you are considering living abroad you can use our International Moving Cost Calculator to get a quick estimate of the cost of an international move – no personal details are required!