Quick guide to different surveys

There are various different types of survey available to the home buyer. Our table below outlines the main differences between them.

Quick guide to different surveys

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Lender’s Valuation report

HomeBuyers Report

Building Survey

Type of property this survey is suitable for:

All – most mortgage lenders require a simple valuation. Sometimes the valuer does not enter the property.

Straight forward properties in a reasonable condition

Any property can have a Building Survey, but they are recommended particularly for:

Renovated/planned renovations, Unusually constructed buildings, Older properties and listed buildings

Type of examination

partial assessment adequate for the lender’s needs


Mid price, mid range service using a standard format to bring major or urgent problems to your attention.

You receive a thorough report that is tailored to your needs.

Why have this survey?

To value the property so the lender knows they can recoup their costs. This report will not necessary disclose defects to you.

To provide an informed judgement allowing decision on whether to buy the property.

To show whether the property is reasonably priced

To outline actions necessary/to be agreed prior to exchange of contracts

To provide a detailed report  on the condition and construction of the property

Highlights faults and outlines necessary repairs.

Advice for future plans for extension/repairs or alterations to the property

Other aspects of this survey



Highlights urgent and major problems

Details the property’s construction, materials used major AND minor faults.

Valuation proposed?



No, but usually available as optional extra

Format of the report

In some cases, the lender will release basic details where a valuation inspection has been undertaken

Standard RICS format

Presented in the surveyor’s own format.


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