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Upfront moving home costs over £30,000? We don’t think so!

It does not cost over £30,000 to move home in the UK, especially not if you've done your research. Here we breakdown how the costs have changed and what you can expect.

August 2018

Renters on housing benefit struggling to find homes

Homeless charity Shelter and the National Housing Federation have worked together to reveal discrimination against renters in receipt of housing benefit.

August 2018

Interest Rates - what does the base rate mean for you?

With the recent decision by the Bank of England to raise interest rates to 0.75%, we ask what this means for the property market.

August 2018

Bank of England Interest Rate Rise – 0.75%

As expected, today the Bank of England have increased interest rates to 0.75%, up from 0.5%. This is only the second raise in the last 10 years, as the government attempted to recover from the recession of 2007.

August 2018

Have Stamp Duty cuts really made a difference to the number of first time buyers? Apparently not.

The government claims that 121,500 people became first time buyers, taking advantage of the Stamp Duty exemption introduced in November 2017.

August 2018