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Streamlining conveyancing to stop fraud

The Law Commission have made recommendations for HM Land Registry - will the changes to conveyancing stop fraud, or just make the process slower?

July 2018

Lifetime ISAs might be scrapped – but why?

The Treasury Committee has called for the abolition of the Lifetime ISA (LISA), an ISA designed to help first time buyers save for their deposit, rewarding them with a government bonus of up to £1000 a year. The LISA is also a useful addition for self employed workers as it can be used as an addition to a traditional pension.

July 2018

Japanese Knotweed: problem or exaggeration?

Japanese knotweed has long been considered a problem when it comes to buying and selling properties. If found, the sturdy weed can lower the value of the property and make mortgage lenders hesitant.

July 2018