Gordon Rafferty

Gordon Rafferty

All Moves UK Ltd

Gordon has gained distinction in many fields, from customer service to IT skills. He has always tried to be two steps ahead in the industry, always looking out for what will improve his companies services in protecting customers goods, which is our top priority.

Gordon has gained great in depth knowledge, from putting your house on the market to selling it, he can always advise customers the best route to take if they hit a sticky wicket. Customer service is always top priority to Gordon and all his teams know and understand how important this is in any business you are in today. Due to the high level of customer service, All Moves UK has gained not one, but thirteen awards in the last six years, making them the highest award winning company in the Midlands.

Gordon's lifestyle is family orientated, spending much of his spare time with his boys running them around to their different hobbies. Gordon also tries to set aside one kid free night a month for his wife Kellie. 

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