How can I minimise the stress of moving house?

Because of my job, I end up having to move around the country quite a lot. In fact, I haved moved four times in the past ten years. Now, I have learned that I have got another posting and will have to up sticks once again. Quite frankly, I am dreading it. It should get easier with practice, I know, but whenever the time to make the actual move arrives, I become a gibbering wreck, suffer from headaches etc., and seem generally unable to cope as there is always so much to see to. Is there anything I can do to ease the stress on my next move?

Scott from Southampton


The secret to a straightforward relocation is careful planning. Planning can greatly reduce the levels of stress and anxiety associated with moving house. Try to avoid things like moving on a Friday. Fridays are traditionally busy days and if you can avoid moving on them it will reduce the associated cost and stress. 

Make sure that the company you are dealing with is fully insured for any damage which may arise to your property or possessions. Things sometimes do go wrong, and this of course is stressful. Knowing you are fully covered will at least give you peace of mind. 

Packing & preparing will get you ready for the move day. You should have confirmed your actual moving date by now and can thus finalise your removal booking. Paying for a team of packers to do all your packing prior to your move will take some of the stress and strain away from you. Also using professional packers will ensure all your goods are securely boxed and ready to go.

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Good luck for your move!

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