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Do you have any advice for packing a house yourself?

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Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have a lot of valuable, delicate items which I am worried could be easily broken during the move.


I would recommend buying double walled boxes, best sizes to get are 18"x18"x20" and 18"x18"x12" (the last number is the depth of the box). You will also need newspaper offcuts which come in packs of 500 sheets 20"x30" in size. You can source all of these on the internet.

As for packing your boxes you need to scrunch up some of the paper to create a layer of padding about 3" deep, then wrap all your items in paper with the heavier items first and pad out with more scrunched up paper.

Once the box is nearly full scrunch some more paper up and use as padding on the top. Just remember to use plenty of of paper as padding in and around your delicate items and label the fragile boxes so nothing heavy is placed on top.

reallymoving comment:

You may also find this article helpful, How to Pack a Moving Box.  Remember, that the more you move, the more it costs so you may want to take a look at our article, Five easy eays to purge your possessions.

Emil Perushanov

Emil Perushanov

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