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How to move a greenhouse

reallymoving.com offers advice to home movers on how to dismantle and move their greenhouse efficiently before moving day

How to move a greenhouse

Dismantling the greenhouse

When dismantling a greenhouse, it is important to have a flat area to lay the glass whilst taking apart the panels. You may wish to interleave these panels with layers of newspaper or cardboard. It is ideally a two-person job as you can both remove glass and work methodically downwards from the roof to the floor. You will find that the frame can be dismantled very easily after removing the glass.

Garden tools

When you prepare to move garden tools from your greenhouse (e.g. forks, rakes, spades, etc), make sure all blades and other sharp or pointy edges are covered with bubble wrap (pieces of old blanket or linens also work well) and that they are secured firmly to the handles. Gather up all tools of equal length, and bind them together using secure plastic cord. This should guard against any serious injuries whilst moving your tools into storage.

Garden furniture and lighting

If you have garden tables and chairs sitting in the back garden it is important to pack these away as neatly as possible to ensure they take up minimal storage space. Most garden tables have folding legs ensuring they can be stored away horizontally, along with chairs. Garden lighting such as lanterns or spotlights can also be packed away and transported easily in cardboard boxes.

Garden games

Are you a young family moving to a new home? The chances are you will have garden games housed in the back garden. Whether it is a trampoline, paddling pool or even a climbing frame, ensure these items are dismantled and packed away at an appropriate time in advance of your move – i.e. when your children are not present.

Lawn mower

If your lawn mower is a manual hand-propelled or electric one, it is no problem to transport it as it is; just make sure it is as clean as possible so you don’t end up with dried grass everywhere, and tape any wires securely to stop them from trailing. However, if you have a petrol powered mower, you must drain the petrol tank before you move it. This is very important, because your removal company will refuse to transport it with a full tank as it would be highly dangerous, and illegal.

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As with your mower, a strimmer should not be difficult to transport. Just make sure that it is clean enough so that it does not get any of your other garden tools dirty. Be sure to wind up the power cord thoroughly and securely to make sure that it doesn’t trail and pose a hazard to both you and your removals team on moving day.


How you will move your barbecue will largely depend on the type of barbecue you own. They are usually quite sturdy, so will be simple to transport. Firstly, brush out any remaining ash in the tray. If you have a gas barbecue, make sure that the gas is disconnected and that all safety catches are used. Some barbecues also have wheels attached to make them significantly easier move into transit.

If you have any gas cylinders, you will need to check if your removal company can transport them or not.

Garden Heaters

If you have any garden heaters, you must make sure that all fuel is removed before you move them to avoid risk of them accidentally igniting along the way. You may also consider investing in a neat protective cover to protect your heaters in transit. These can also be used when storing heaters away throughout the winter months.


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