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How to pack your valuable items

reallymoving.com helps home movers protect their valuable household items in readiness for moving into their new property

How to pack your valuable items

We all have household items that are very precious and valuable to us in one way or another. Whether they are electrical goods, gadgets, family heirlooms or antiques of sentimental value, it is important that these are protected in preparation for your house move.

Small and fragile items

Small and fragile items should naturally be treated with due care and attention. You may wish to transport these valuables personally so you can ensure first hand they are properly handled as part of your move.

Some fragile items will require special packing materials in order to protect them throughout the move. Liaise with your removal company as they may have industry-standard materials you can borrow to provide extra cushioning and protection whilst in storage.

Important documents

Many people often forget about the importance of protecting important documentation prior to your moving day. This includes birth certificates, bank and credit card details, national insurance details and so on. If possible pack these important files away in one secure container or filing cabinet that can be locked in transit.

Electrical goods

Most removal companies are capable of helping you store away your larger electrical goods such as desktop computers, hi-fi systems and large screen televisions. Ideally you should pack your electrical goods in their original boxes if you have kept them, or find similar sized, durable boxes with plenty of space for packing to stabilise them in the removals van.


If you have antiques stored in your home you will undoubtedly be anxious to see them stored and transported to your new house in one piece. If this is the case you may require a removals company with specialist expertise in packing and handling antique items.

If you are packing your own valuables

When packing valuable items away into storage it is important you make your removals team aware of the boxes that contain the most valuable items. You may decide to colour-code your boxes to match up with rooms at your destination. You may choose to use our very own box identification resource to keep things organised on moving day.


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    Good idea makes moving sound a lot less stressful. It also sounds like a good idea since it would make things easier for any hired services.

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