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Moving a piano

reallymoving.com provides specialist tips for how to transport your piano when moving house, getting it safely from your old home into your new home

Moving a piano

If you own a piano, you will most likely be aware that they are very heavy. Combine its heavy weight with a rather awkward, bulky shape, scratchable exterior and complex internal workings, you have a puzzle on your hands when it comes to the removal of your piano for your house move.

It is highly recommended that you use a piano mover to transport your piano to your new home.

Piano removals

Pianos need extra special care when they are transported. Based on the size and type of your piano, it could measure up to half a ton in weight, so unless you have Incredible Hulk style strength, it is best to leave moving your piano to professional removal companies with all the necessary equipment to get it safely out of your old home and into to your new one.

Pianos can be sensitive instruments, with a complicated internal mechanism that is easy to upset, and an awkward shape. On top of all of that, the wooden casing can be easily scratched. Some removal companies specialise in moving pianos, so before you book, why not ask to see testimonials or references from previous customers that have used their services for piano removals?

There are a number of additional questions you should consider asking your removal company before hiring them for you house move. To be sure that you’re using a professional, reliable removal firm, find out the important questions to ask your removal company.

Piano mover’s equipment

Many removal companies have specialist apparatus in order to move pianos and other large musical instruments safely, without major physical strain. These items may include dolly trucks and piano trolleys that removal men will be fully trained in using to safely remove and store pianos in transit.

When you get quotes for removals, check that the removal company has experience of piano removals and the appropriate equipment for moving pianos.

You may find that after your move, your piano has slipped out of tune. This is quite normal, and a piano tuner will be able to sort this out for you without too much difficulty.

Should I move a piano myself?

If you are thinking about cutting costs and transporting your piano yourself this is a very risky operation. Ultimately many people that do attempt to cut corners by moving their own piano find that it is not a risk worth taking as damage to a piano can lead to expensive repair bills.

Carrying such a heavy piece of equipment can also lead to injuries if you do not carry it in the correct manner – leave it to expert piano movers!

For more information about the removal of awkward items when moving home, take a look at our article, Moving Awkward Items.


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