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Video guides to packing your home

reallymoving.com has prepared some short videos with top tips to help you pack your home before your move.

Video guides to packing your home
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How to pack your glasses

As fragile items, packing glasses and crockery can be a worry. In this video, Dan from Multimovers shows you the best way to ensure they are successfully transported by your removals team. Make sure your removal company is aware of which boxes include breakable items, such as glasses, when they arrive on your moving day.

You will need to acquire a large quantity of wrapping paper for your glasses before you begin packing, as it is advised you double up the paper to wrap glasses.

How to move your pots and pans video

Wondering what to do with all the pots and pans in your kitchen?  We show you how to pack them so they are moved safely.

Important tip: separate any glass lids from the rest of your pots and pans to wrap and pack separately.

How to move your knives and cutlery

A short video demonstrating how a removals team will pack and transport your sharp knives and cutlery.

It is important you are particularly careful with your kitchen knives; be aware of which way the blades are facing when you pack them so you can unpack them safely.

For more information about packing the items in your kitchen, our article, how to pack your kitchen, can help you.

How to move beds and mattresses

Dan from Multimovers demonstrates how a removals team will disassemble a bed frame and wrap a mattress so that they are ready for transportation.

How to move the clothes in your wardrobe

A short video explaining how to pack hanging items of clothing into a wardrobe hanger when moving home.

Your removal company should be able to provide you with a wardrobe box to pack your clothes into for your house move.

How to move your washing machine and dishwasher when moving home

Demonstration from removals expert Dan at Multimovers on how to move a washing machine and dishwasher when moving home.

You will need to ensure you have checked if there could be any problems with disconnecting your washing machine and dishwasher in advance of your moving day, so you can prepare accordingly. It is suggested that you employ a professional plumber to disconnect your kitchen appliances when moving home.

Moving and packing your picture frames

www.reallymoving.com sponsored video of Dan from removal firm Multimovers.co.uk demonstrating how to pack picture frames when moving home.

Make sure you stock up on bubble wrap, and complete the packing of your picture frames on a flat surface.

If you have artwork and paintings to move to your new home, it is advised you employ a professional removal company to do this for you, as they will have the expertise in packing specialist items. 

What to put in your Moving Box for the day of your move

It is advisable to have a box of essentials to hand when you move home.  This can be anything from the kettle and biscuits, to the relevant legal documentation.  Here we demonstrate what reallymoving recommends you keep in your Moving Box. You can also find more ideas about what to include in your Moving Box with our Moving Day Survival Kit.

It is important to remember that most removal companies will offer a packing service, from a fragile pack to a full house pack, so if you are concerned about packing your items safely yourself, ask your removal firm for a professional packing service.

For more tips on packing your items for their removals to your new home, take a look at our article, how to pack a moving box.

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