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Allied Surveyors and Valuers, Brecon

With over 30 years’ experience providing HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys in Brecon, South Wales, contacting Allied Surveyors and Valuers is your next step to receiving the best, personalised advice to help you through your proposed Brecon house purchase.

We are fully accredited Chartered Surveyors upon whom you can rely.

For home buyers in Brecon, we can supply:

  • HomeBuyer Reports: mid-range, user-friendly report
  • Building Surveys: more comprehensive, detailed report

We provide the full range of commercial and residential property surveys; we are able to offer you advice on which option would most suit your requirements.

Our objective is to offer all clients a personal approach that considers their needs, whilst ensuring the highest quality of service and professionalism is met. We may be a small company, but our team members are professionally qualified, meticulous in detail and diligent, to ensure your property survey is thorough and accurate.

Before the inspection, we will discuss your property needs with you to establish what you want from the house survey. This will ensure that we supply you with the appropriate information to allow you to proceed with your property purchase with confident. We are able to talk through our findings with your after the inspection.

If there is a property you’re hoping to purchase, give us a call for a chat. With our extensive experience in the Brecon area we may have seen it before and we will be able to inform you if the property’s structural condition has been affected by, for example, subsidence, damp, rot, or lack of maintenance.

Our knowledge of the area is unmatched, and we utilise this knowledge, and our professional, specialist training, when we investigate property.

We will ensure you have all the necessary information about the property you are buying before you commit to the purchase.

Allied Surveyors and Valuers, Brecon can also supply RICS Condition Reports and can act as valuers for mortgage lenders. We are also able to advise on all property and land related issues, including defect reports and boundary problems.

Allied Surveyors and Valuers, Brecon – Providing Brecon with house surveys

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Allied Surveyors and Valuers, Brecon

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