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Do I have to pay for new fittings?

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I'm selling a house on behalf of a relative who has moved into a care home. We've spent nearly £500 repairing the gas fire and have now been advised we need to replace all the light fittings in the kitchen and bathroom as they do not meet current regulations. They have been in for at least 10 years. How is this our responsibility?


The fact that the light fittings don't meet current regulations does not mean that the vendors should accept full responsibility for the cost of replacement .

The agreed purchase price could be renegotiated if some expenditure is going to be incurred but it is late in the sale to start renegotiating the price. If you agree to this then something else will no doubt arise.

The agents should be acting on your behalf to secure the sale and defend your position so should the solicitor on your side. 

I would take a view that the sale price was agreed and that's how it should stay unless the purchaser can show a valuation below the agreed price. One apparent issue of this type should not materially affect the market value.

The sale of the house is something for negotiation and not an excuse to simply reduce and reduce the price. 

David Thomas, Duxbury's Incorporating Peter Dawkins

David Thomas

David Thomas

Duxbury's Incorporating Peter Dawkins

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