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Should I buy a property with asbestos?

  1. Jane V from shrewsbury
  2. 10 August 2017
  3. Before you buy questions and answers


I am thinking of buying a property which has low grade asbestos in it - would I need a specialised surveyor for this, and is a property with asbestos usually not worth the money?


It would be very much down to what the material is, what type of Asbestos it is (there are 3 common types), where it is, how much of it  there is, and what sort of condition is it in.  If you know for sure that there is asbestos in the property, you would be very well advised to obtain specialist advice from a qualified, HSE Licensed Asbestos Surveyor - normally they would take samples of the material and send it away for laboratory tests and can then advise on any necessary remediation or encapsulation works required, once the type of asbestos is known.

Certain types of Asbestos are far more dangerous potentially than others - and the cost of remediation can be high, which would then be potentially value signficant.


Gavin Scott-Brooker

Gavin Scott-Brooker

Brooker & Co

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