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Do we need a surveyor when we've already had a valuation?

  1. Tara T from Luton
  2. 17 August 2017
  3. Buying a house questions and answers


I am a first time buyer, so I am new to this. We have already had a valuation on the property which we are purchasing, will we require a surveyor too?


Hi Tara,
A valuation will tell you what the property is worth, but a full surveyor report can highlight any issues with the structure of the property, along with a lot of other important information. This can be useful in making sure you want to go forward with purchasing the house, that you're not paying too much for it, and you're not in for any nasty surprises. We strongly suggest getting an independent building survey.
You can find out more by looking at our our 'What is a building survey?' article.
Kind regards,
the reallymoving team.

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