First Time Buyers Guide

Buying your first home is exciting. We have put together an extensive First Time Buyers section as a simple and handy resource for anyone buying their first home. It’s worth taking a look to ensure you are aware of the jargon, what steps you need to take, and when to take them.

Before you buy

Negotiating a house offer

For first time buyers the opportunity to finally make an offer on the house of your dreams is one you will grab with both hands.

category: Before you buy

How to save for a house deposit

It is a dream for most young couples and professionals to take their first steps onto the property ladder...

category: Before you buy

Mortgage incentive schemes for first time buyers

Incentivised mortgages are a great way for first time buyers to step onto the first rung of the property...

category: Before you buy

Freehold or Leasehold – what is the difference?

If you are unfamiliar with the terms freehold and leasehold as a first time buyer then don’t worry, as we...

category: Before you buy

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The buying process

10 essential steps when buying a home

You’ve been searching, viewing and considering properties for months and the day has finally come. Now the offer you have made on a house has been accepted, what next?

category: The buying process

How to Buy a House – 10 Important Tips

There will always be things you wish you had done or asked during the property transaction. Before you...

category: The buying process

What Are Searches when buying a house

Find out why your conveyancing solicitor will carry out searches on your behalf when buying a property

category: The buying process

What is conveyancing?

Buying your first property can be an overwhelming experience without the help of an experienced property...

category: The buying process

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