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Reallymoving in the community

As a company we’ve always been based in St Albans, and we’re very proud to be part of the community in Hertfordshire.

That’s why we try and make sure we give back, whether that’s through our volunteer days, donations or through local sponsorship. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Each year we dedicate one day as a whole team to helping in the community.

2016 – Tree planting at Heartswood Forest. Our team got together to plant new trees in the beautiful forest in Sandridge, in the hopes that many more people well get to enjoy the natural beauty of the location in years to come.

2017 – We coppiced trees along with the team on the Nickey Line, a foot and cycle path that links up Harpenden, Redbourn and Hemel Hempstead. Coppicing is the art of cutting back trees to allow for new growth. Armed with hacksaws and shears (along with safety gear!) our team cleared back some of the trees along the path, allowing sunshine to reach the path, and for the trees to grow anew.

2018 - we worked helping the RSPCA Southridge animal centre by building paths, clearing pens and stables and generally supporting them around the site. It was a great day, we were pleased to be able to support the wonderful work the RSPCA does...and we got to meet some lovely animals too!

2019 - Our (significantly bigger) team once again got outdoors to work in Bricket Wood, clearing cycle and bridle paths and making space for new trees and growth to come through. We cleared a lot of ground and learnt about the fascinating ecology and diversity of Bricket Wood, meeting a couple of cows along the way!

Environmentalism in the office

Along with many others, we’ve become concerned about the amount of plastic produced and as a company want to ensure we limit our plastic usage as much as possible. Whilst we have continually recycled, in 2018 our office changed to use a local glass bottle milk delivery scheme, as well as replacing our coffee pods with biodegradable versions and replacing our plastic water cooler with an in-tap filter, in order to be more environmentally friendly.

Local Sponsoring

In 2017 we were pleased to announce the formation of the ‘Verulam reallymoving.com race team’ which nurtures and supports talented cyclists in St Albans. Sponsoring the team seemed like a natural fit, with so many keen cyclists in our office. The team got off to an excellent start and have had excellent results in races both nationally and internationally, for the youth teams and adults.

Club Chairman Doug Driscoll said, ‘It is thanks to the involvement of reallymoving that we have been able to raise a sensational racing team from nowhere. Our racers wear their kit with genuine pride, both in the team and pride in the support from the sponsors.’

We’re always very excited to hear about the Verulam Reallymoving.com Race Team’s successes and cheer them on whenever we can.  We were excited to celebrate the launch of the 2022 team recently. With new members in the race team, we love seeing how they are continuing to grow and develop!

Judith Parry Photography 2022

Apprentice Scheme

We are incredibly proud of our apprenticeship scheme, which takes local young talented individuals and trains them in becoming developers. The apprenticeship allows them to be paid working in their field, whilst using 20% of their time to study and gain qualifications. This means they improve their hands-on practical skills alongside theory and specialist training.

Our current senior developers have completed their Level 3 City and Guilds and are onto their Bachelor’s degrees. Our apprentices are incredibly valuable to the work we do at reallymoving, and we have added a further two entry-level apprentices to our team this year.

Charity Fundraising

Here at reallymoving we’re passionate about fundraising for both local and national charities. Our chosen charity for 2020 is Lymphoma Action. Throughout the year we’ll be doing a variety of fundraising events, starting with the Vitality 10k in May, all with the aim of raising £2,000 for this wonderful charity.

You can view our fundraising page to see how we’re doing, or read more about Lymphoma Action and how we can help.

Along with many other offices across the country, we’re always eager when Christmas Jumper Day comes around to raise money for Save the Children. We also this year replaced our printed Christmas cards with e-cards, not only an environmentally friendly option, but also in support of our local hospice - Rennie Grove Hospice Care. We're also always happy to join in with the World's Biggest Coffee Morning from Macmillan Cancer Care.

In September we formed a team to get #reallymuddy at Tough Mudder - we raised over £600 for Help for Heroes, and had a lot of fun!