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What is each political party going to do for the housing sector?

How is each major party in UK politics pledging to deal with the current housing crisis, as they prepare for next year's general election

November 2023

reallymoving wins Best Home Moving Services Marketplace

reallymoving has secured the title of Best Home Moving Services Marketplace at The Business Concept Awards 2023.

November 2023

Things that REALLY go bump in the night

It’s easy to get spooked when Halloween is upon us, but it’s probably not ghosts and ghouls in your home making those unsettling noises you hear in the dark.

October 2023

Net zero and the housing market

What will be the impact of Rishi Sunak's recent changes to the net zero policy on the housing industry?

October 2023

Digitising the house-buying process

Will recent efforts to bring more of the process of buying and selling property online make things quicker and more efficient?

September 2023

The Renters Reform Bill's impact on the rental market

It was announced by Michael Gove on the 17th of May that the Renters Reform Bill would be put into action. There’s been a lot of anticipation for this property law and how it will improve renter property accessibility. But what is it? And what does it mean for private landlords and tenants?


September 2023

House buyers boosted by ‘Bank of Family’

Many First Time Buyers are casting a wider net when it comes to borrowing money for a house deposit, rather than simply turning to their parents.

September 2023

Law society’s guidance to tackle climate change in property transactions

How has climate change altered the approach property transactions in the UK?

September 2023

Episode one - Let's Be Real About The Bank of Mum and Dad

This is a transcript of episode one of the Make Your Move podcast, covering the Bank of Mum and Dad. In the episode, we cover the taboos, the facts, and the statistics. We also lay out how you can best use parental support if you have it, and how to get onto the property ladder if you don't have it.

August 2023