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If you're selling your Help to Buy property, or repaying your Equity Loan, you'll need a valuation

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Whether you're selling your Help to Buy home, remortgaging or paying off your Equity Loan, you'll need a valuation. A Help to Buy valuation can tell you how much your property is currently worth, so you know how much your Equity Loan value has increased by. If you got the 20% equity loan when buying the property, the amount you received towards your home might have changed over time.

Our Chartered Surveyors are regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, (RICS) and you can compare local firms by price and reviews.

What is a valuation?

A Chartered Surveyor will visit and assess the property, generating an estimate for how much they believe the property is worth. This takes into account the features and location of the property, and refers to similar properties in the area to justify how they've come to that decision.

For Help to Buy owners, you want to know if your property has increased in value, and how much the equity loan you need to repay will be worth. That will help you work out how much money you'll have available as a deposit for your next home.

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More about the moving process

If you're selling your Help to Buy property and moving on, our Moving House Checklist will make sure you don't forget a thing. If you're not sure about how long everything takes, have a look at our Moving Home Timeline. If you want a clear breakdown of how much your move might cost, look at our Moving Cost Calculator.

If you're remortgaging in order to pay off your equity loan, make sure you speak to a mortgage expert.

Choose a professional

Your valuation will have to be approved by Target HCA who are in charge of Help to Buy. They will only work with a professional valuation expert.