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10 forgotten costs when buying a home

Everyone knows that buying a new home can be costly, but the cost of buying a home includes so much more than simply paying for the house itself. Make sure you don’t get caught out with some of these often-forgotten costs.

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Can you get a mortgage with bad credit?

If you’ll need a mortgage to buy your property but you’ve got a bad credit history, there are options.

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How does credit card debt affect getting a mortgage?

If you’re going to need a mortgage to buy your property, your debts should be the first thing you think about.


How to build good credit

Having a good credit score is vital if you want to secure a mortgage – but how do you build good credit?

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How to set your own asking price

You’re ready to put your house up for sale – but how much should you ask for it?

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How to get a credit card for a mortgage

Improving your credit score is a very important part of the property-buying process, and a credit card is a great way to do that – but how do you apply?

Best credit cards for First Time Buyers

Credit cards can be a great way to improve your credit score, but how do you know which one to go for?

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Do I need insurance when I buy a home?

Buying a property will come with lots of costs that you may not expect, one of which being insurance. But is this a necessary cost or can you do without it?


How much does buildings insurance cost?

If you are taking out a mortgage, you will be required to also get buildings insurance. It is important you are aware of how much this may cost you, so you can keep up with your finances when moving.