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What if the home I’m selling gets a bad Mortgage Valuation (Down Valuation)?

When selling a home, your buyer will receive a mortgage valuation on your property. If this comes back with a lower value than your agreed sale price, it can put the sale in jeopardy. So, what can you do?

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What if the home I’m buying gets a bad Mortgage Valuation (Down Valuation)?

If a home you’re planning to buy gets a negative mortgage valuation, it means the mortgage lender thinks the offer price is too high. So what can you do next?

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How to avoid a Down Mortgage Valuation

Receiving a down valuation on the property you want to buy can be a big concern. But there are steps you can take to avoid your mortgage lender undervaluing your property and putting your purchase at risk.

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How to set and discuss dates when moving

One area that can cause a great deal of problems when buying and selling a home is the timing and the dates for a move.

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What to do if you lose your paperwork

Moving home will inevitably require a you to gather a lot of paperwork, so when something goes missing it can seem like the worst scenario.

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What is a proof of mortgage deposit?

A look at the most common questions when it comes to proof of a mortgage deposit when buying a home.


How to choose utility providers for your new home

Choosing what utility providers to use once you’ve bought a home can come down to more than just money.

After Your Move

What to check when you move into your new home

Moving day is always a busy day, but don’t forget to thoroughly inspect your new house before you unpack those boxes.

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What is a mortgage valuation?

When applying for a mortgage, a major step will be the mortgage valuation. But what does it entail, and what effect can if have on your home buying process?

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