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A quick guide to House Removals

Removals – what you need to know

Moving house is perhaps the most stressful part of the moving process, as you’ll have to put your trust in a team of removals people to move your goods safely to your new house. This guide will show you how to choose the best removals company for your needs and some of the questions you need to ask to ensure your move is a smooth one.

Why hire a professional removals company?

Many house movers might find it tempting to choose the cheapest option when it comes to removals, after all, it’s only moving stuff from A to B, right? In fact, the reality is very different. A professional removals firm will not just move your belongings to your new home, but will do so safely, securely, and efficiently. Too often people have been caught out by cowboy removal companies who are unreliable, don’t have a big enough van, charge you extras you weren’t aware of or damage your property when moving it.

Reallymoving only works with firms with a good reputation and positive customer reviews, so you can be sure that through us you’ll find a reliable and professional company.

Important questions to ask

Choosing a reliable and quality removals company can be a challenge, but with this guide, you’ll know what questions to ask to make sure you’re dealing with a reliable company:

Ask for a pre-move survey to confirm the volume of your possessions and discuss your removal requirements. This shouldn’t cost you anything.

Ask them whether their staff are removal-trained and who by. Most reliable removals companies will be members of a trade association like the British Association (BAR). This means they are more likely to give you a quality service and means if anything goes wrong you can complain directly to their trade association.

Ask to see their removals insurance details. Check you don’t need to supplement this, as some items may not be covered during the move.

You can read our more detailed guide on questions to ask your removals company to find more relevant information.

How to choose the best service for you

Although you can receive all the right answers to the questions you ask, you might want to consider other matters before making a firm choice:

Feedback. Reallymoving offers you reviews of previous customers on the companies we have recommended to you. Feedback can potentially be used to separate a good professional removals company from an excellent one, and can reveal the small touches a firm adds that made a big difference to the moving experience.

Ask how you can pay. Cowboy builders often insist on cash-in-hand payments or large deposits. The best removals companies will have no problem with how you pay or want a card or cheque payment.

The best in the business will also lay out all costs before moving day. They will not throw in any last-minute extras.

The removal company you pick has to feel right for you. If you trust a removal company and they give you a personable approach, this can go a long way in giving you peace of mind.

You can read our full article on choosing the right removal company for you for more tips.

Removal Costs

Removal costs obviously vary considering how much property you have, whether you want to put your belongings into storage, and the value of the property, but by going through reallymoving and comparing removal quotes, on average house movers save £243.

Take a look at our guide with more information on the cost of removals and find out how you can reduce the cost of moving house.