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Meet the team behind reallymoving

For information on the reallymoving.com board members Meet the board, or you can see if you'd be a good fit for the team - we're hiring

The reallymoving management team:


Rob Houghton
Chief Executive

Rob founded reallymoving in August 1999. He stepped back into a non-exec role in 2001, but rejoined in 2013 to help drive our growth. He is mainly focused on business development and strategy. He is married with two sons, and is an enthusiastic, although sadly not particularly talented, musician, tennis & golf player.
Top moving tip: Label all boxes and furniture with the room they should be stored in at your new home.

Rosemary Rogers

Rosie has been involved with reallymoving since its launch in 1999. Her duties include overall management of our partner panels, general strategy, SEO and PR. She is married with two boisterous boys, plays cello, and is often seen cycling the roads of Hertfordshire.
Top moving tip: Have a small penknife handy to open boxes quickly when you unpack.

Clare Exact
Head of Finance

Clare joined reallymoving in 2001 and has been instrumental in the company’s growth. Clare's duties include overseeing all aspects of finance and user testing. In her spare time she’s busy at her allotment growing lots of fruit and veg. Her long-term aim is to complete all 630 miles of the South West Coastal Path walk which, at her current rate of progress, will take at least 20 years!
Top moving tip: Save time and stress by paying the removals company to pack and unpack your belongings.

Andrew Settle
Head of Development & IT

Andrew joined reallymoving in September 2014, to head-up our new in-house development team. With a strong interest in developing user-centric experiences, Andrew will be working on adding new features to the site and enhancing existing ones. He is married with two daughters.
Top moving tip: Visit your potential property at different times of day to get a sense of traffic, safety and atmosphere.

Louise Copland
Head of Marketing

Louise joined reallymoving in June 2018 and leads the busy marketing team. When not catching up on what’s new in the digital world Louise is a keen skier and likes to travel as much as she can. With a love of all things Spanish you’ll often find her putting her language skills to the test in Barcelona when she has a spare weekend.
Top moving tip: Remember that you are not the estate agent's client, the seller is.

Chris Buckingham
Head of Sales

Chris joined reallymoving in August 2018 as Head of Sales and oversees our partner panels: removals, surveyors, solicitors and Licenced Conveyancers. He comes from a storage background where he quickly became a specialist in training and nurturing sales teams. When he’s not being a sales champion, Chris is an overly keen nearly-retired cricketer, golfer and spends time with the two loves of his life, his family and watching Watford FC.
Top moving tip: Always create an inventory, and pack heavier items into smaller boxes so they can be carried with ease.


The rest of the team:


Adeel Ahmed
Removal Sales Manager

Adeel joined reallymoving in September 2015 as a Sales Manager. Adeel is quick off the mark, and can answer any questions that prospective partners may have. If you are looking to join our panel of removals firms, conveyancers or surveyors Adeel will be able to help. In his spare time, Adeel is passionate about cars, and has been known to arrive at the office on crutches after a particularly enthusiastic game of football.
Top moving tip: Ask lots of questions - knowledge is key!

Agnieszka Jaworska
Office Manager

Aggie is an Office Ninja. She's mastered the rule of picking up the phone in 0.003 sec. She swiftly tosses fruit into the office bowls and sneaks up on people to retrieve invoices. Her only fear is finishing University, so she continually studies at the Open University. She is currently undertaking a CIPD Human Resources Certificate and is in Counsellor Training for a charity. Her interests revolve around her fluffy Norwegian Forest cat Odin, cinema and finding cheap flights to Europe. She has recently joined a Roller Derby league in Hertfordshire and is an avid gamer.
Top moving tip: Change your address everywhere, not just at your bank, but on your apps and online shopping. I ordered moving day celebration pizza and it arrived at my old flat!

Andi Michael
Content Marketing Executive

Andi spends a lot of time word-wrangling, whether that's writing articles, running our paid social ads, organising our email marketing or coming up with new content ideas. If there are words involved, she's there. In her other life, Andi writes mildly successful novels and runs creative writing workshops. She's an enthusiastic (but terrible) snowboarder and is always planning her next adventure.
Top moving tip: Don't be pushed into using referred services - they're not automatically quicker or cheaper. Always ask around.

Anna Williams
Web Developer

Prior to joining reallymoving in July 2016, Anna obtained a multidisciplinary scientific PhD. Her current role is in web development but she joined the company as a data analyst. In her free time she is learning Norwegian, Swedish and a little Danish. She puts these to good use annoying Scandinavian friends by muddling up their languages when using them (albeit sometimes deliberately for amusement factor). When she isn't busy trying to assimilate information she can typically be found playing World of Warcraft where her aim is to make everything hit her in the face.
Top moving tip: Do your research on the potential costs and be sure to budget for them.

Camillia Barton
Sales Manager, Surveyors

Camillia looks after our surveyors. She makes sure they’re happy, informs them of ways to optimise our services and shows new surveyors how reallymoving can help them. She’s happiest being mindful and practicing yoga in a field, or playing Call of Duty and watching The Walking Dead. Her spirit animal is a sparkly unicorn.
Top moving tip: Don't understimate the importance of a list! You can check our checklist if you think you might have forgotten something.

Chris Jagusz
Senior Web Developer

Chris joined us in 2018 as a PHP Developer for The Law Superstore. He finds software development a useful distraction from the relentless nature of cider appreciation, England rugby matches and the predictably dramatic life of an internationally acclaimed ski destructor.
Top moving tip: Treat your removals team to fish and chips for lunch! You'll have a very happy team!

Daisy Stephens
SEO Content Assistant

Daisy joined reallymoving in June 2019, to help write content for our blog, news and help and advice sections. She also spends a lot of time helping with our social media accounts and attempting to create graphics, particularly for Pinterest. When she’s not in the office she’ll be playing the violin, writing novels, sailing or planning a holiday.
Top moving tip: Definitely get a mortgage in principle when viewing houses – it makes you look better and will speed up the process once you find a house you want to buy.

Daniel Lee
Apprentice Web Developer

Daniel joined the company at the start of 2019 as an Apprentice Developer. He taught himself the arts of development at home and is also currently teaching himself Electronic Engineering. In his spare time, he mostly plays video games, hangs out with his mates, works out or makes YouTube videos.
Top moving tip: Use coloured packing tape like Smart Move Tape and label which room the box belongs to. If any boxes don’t have handles you can use a box cutter to create them. “Work smarter, not harder”.

Fari Mabvudza
Senior Web Developer

Fari joined reallymoving in January 2015, to assist the Head of Development with developing and maintaining the site. He has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science and when away from the office, he is addicted to watching football, enjoys reading, and spends time with friends and family.
Top moving tip: Don't underestimate the time needed to pack everything - all the little bits and pieces quickly add up!

Graham Stanbridge
Legal Sales Manager

Graham is our Legal Sales Manager for reallymoving and The Law Superstore. He has an extensive background in sales and property and loves nothing more than extolling the virtues of ours services to new partners. Married with two football-mad boys, he can be found shouting on a touchline most weekends or chasing the elusive PB on his Saturday morning Park Run.
Top moving tip: Get your timings right on moving day. Stay in touch with your agent and solicitor to avoid unnecessary waiting around.

Isatou Gillen
Legal Sales Executive

Isatou joined us in December 2018 as our Legal Sales Executive for reallymoving and The Law Superstore. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Law from Nottingham Trent University. In her spare time she loves going out to eat, hitting the gym and loves to travel. Her spirit animal is a Wild Cat.
Top moving tip: Always register your new address details at least two weeks before you move.

James Hatch
Sales Manager, Removals

James joined reallymoving in September 2018 and looks after our removals partners. He has an extensive sales background and prides himself on understanding his partners' needs to help them thrive using reallymoving. When James isn’t stressing over his beloved Chelsea he occasionally enjoys a kickabout with his friends and loves to dance!
Top moving tip: Always pack heavier items into smaller boxes to help your removal team out.

Jo McIntosh
Finance and Operations Manager

Jo is a qualified chartered accountant, having qualified with Deloitte a long time ago. Jo works part time as our finance manager overseeing various aspects of finance. When not at work Jo is a full time taxi service for her two children, plays squash and loves travelling overseas with her family.
Top moving tip: make it easy on yourself and get a removals company instead of trying to move everything on your own.

Nick Perman
Search Marketing Executive

Nick joined the reallymoving team in May 2017 as an SEO & Content Marketer. Nick has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature & Philosophy and is in charge of our SEO strategy. While he’s away from the office he enjoys spending his time drawing, gaming and reading.
Top moving tip: Remember you can negotiate, whether on estate agent fees, your first offer or after a survey. 

Nick Rose
Front End Developer

Nick joined reallymoving in July 2016, to assist with developing and maintaining the website and is excited about improving and adding new features to the site to help both customers and the business get the best results. He has a BEng in Electronic Engineering and when away from the office enjoys keeping fit at the gym, cycling, the odd cocktail or four and watching all 397 episodes of Dallas again if he ever gets the time.
Top moving tip: Always overestimate removals costs, and be sure to ask how much extra services (disassembling etc) cost in advance.

Paolo De Luca
Development Manager

Paolo joined the reallymoving team in 2018 with extensive experience in managing software development in the real estate industry and a passion for clean and re-usable code. He was one of the founders of a mobile development studio and enjoyed creating iPhone apps in his spare time. When he is away from the office he loves cooking, reading a good book, playing tennis and watching old TV series.
Top moving tip: Set up to redirect your post to your new home at least a couple of weeks before you move.

Rafe Wilson
Web Developer

Rafe joined reallymoving in July 2015. He is a keen competitive gamer of Dota 2 where he is the captain of an amateur team and hosts amateur tournaments. He is a Chelsea fan, and can often be found on a tennis court.
Top moving tip: If you're the first person into a new home, check whether it's wired up for TV/Broadband and what else it might be missing.

Rostum Ahady
Apprentice Web Developer

Ros joined the team in April 2019. He initially started coding in his free time and was sold on becoming a developer when his computer replied, “Hello World”. He’s always up for a challenge and is a strong believer that, no matter how much you think you know, there’s always something to learn. When he’s not solving problems, he loves to unwind by gaming, cooking and pondering the big questions of the world. Such as morality, world peace and whether it’s ok to eat a third brownie today.
Top moving tip: Think about your tummy on your moving day! No one wants to be cranky on a day like that.

Sam Clift
Test Manager

Sam joined the team in April 2013 and has an extensive background in the removals industry. In her current role as Test Manager, Sam works with the Development and Testing teams to test new features and updates to the website. Sam is happy to answer any questions you may have whether they are about our lead generation system or the industry in general.
Top moving tip: Always have the removals company do a valuation and view the items before moving day.

Taylor Smith
Web Developer

Taylor joined us in the summer of 2015 as an Apprentice Developer. He comes armed with great experience including participation in the BAFTA Young Game Designer Mentoring Scheme. When he’s not gaming, Taylor is also a Young Leader with the Scouts.
Top moving tip: You will always need more bubble wrap than you think.

Tom Wood
Paid Search Executive

Tom joined reallymoving in October 2017 after graduating with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering. As a Data Analyst Tom’s role is to assess marketing and website performance and to provide insights about the property market. In his spare time, he is a keen runner and cyclist and loves to check out the latest blockbuster at the cinema.
Top moving tip: Declutter your belongings before you move to avoid the effort (and cost) of transporting things you don't need!

Zach Griffin
Online Marketing Analyst

Zach joined reallymoving in July 2018 as a User Tester/Data Analyst, with a focus on testing new features/updates to the website. In 2019 he moved to our marketing team as an analyst. Outside of the office, Zach enjoys playing guitar (or the latest unusual instrument he found in a junk shop), hiking and reading anything he can get his hands on.
Top moving tip: Sell, donate or throw away as many unnecessary items in your house as possible before packing - do you really need seventeen spare pillows?