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How do I put a new buyer's name on the deeds?

  1. Anthony K from Chertsey
  2. 10 August 2017
  3. Legal questions and answers


My daughter and her friend want to buy a house together. My daughter's friend currently lives in the house and has her name on the deeds but has split up with her boyfriend. Can they boyfriend remove his name from the deeds, and replace it with my daughter's without incurring stamp duty? The house is owned by the boyfriend's dad who wants his money back (£420,000) so the two girls will need to arrange a mortgage between them, plus deposits of approximately £50,0000 each. At the moment there is no mortgage on the property as it was purchased in cash.


‘The legal process to remove the boyfriend from the property ownership and replace with your daughter is called a ‘Transfer of Equity’. If you need to know more about the transfer of equity process you can check out our article on The Law Superstore. Stamp Duty will be payable as long as the amount being paid to the boyfriend exceeds £125,000.00. If the amount being paid to buy out the boyfriend is £420,000.00, then Stamp Duty will payable on this amount.’

Gareth Brooks

Gareth Brooks

RMNJ Solicitors

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