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Missing Fusebox Certificate?

  1. Carole M from Wolverhampton
  2. 15 August 2017
  3. Selling a home questions and answers


We had electrical work done in 2009 for a new fuse box, and didn't have a certificate. We have now sold our house and the buyer's solicitor won't accept an indemnity policy. I contacted the electrician and he can't understand why it wasn't registered. Is an indemnity policy the answer?


It is not normally the case that a solicitor would be expected to investigate the existence of an electrical compliance certificate for residential properties unless the property is a House in Multiple Occupation. I would, in your circumstances, stand your ground and offer the indemnity policy again, as it is unlikely that they would wish to lose the property on this account.  Alternatively, can the electrician not grant a compliance certificate now taking account of the regulations current at the time of installation?

Mary McQueen

Mary McQueen

McDougall McQueen

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