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Sellers not found new home – should I instruct a solicitor?

  1. Ben from Crawley
  2. 09 March 2015
  3. Legal questions and answers


We’ve just had our offer on a house confirmed and we have a solicitor ready to go. But I am wary as the sellers are only just going for a second viewing on a property they are interested in. Should I wait until they have put in an offer and had it confirmed on the property they are interested in? I don't want to shell out a lot of money to then have the sellers decide they don't like the property on the second viewing and pull out of the sale with us. Thanks!


Thank you for your question.

From your description it seems like you are in some sort of a chain and can only buy the property once the seller has had his offer accepted on another property. Since you have instructed a solicitor and there is no indication that any searches have been carried out then you will not incur any legal fees.

If the seller’s solicitors have confirmed that they are ready sell and your solicitor has requested the contract pack to be sent over; then your solicitor will ask you to pay for the searches to get things moving forward.

It is more of a personal choice as to how you wish to proceed and I would recommend that you speak to your estate agent and solicitor who can best advise you on the fees involved.

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