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Should I Buy a Home in a Council Block?

  1. Cat from London
  2. 17 December 2014
  3. Buying a house questions and answers


What are your thoughts about buying a home in a council block? We really love the property but are concerned about how easy they are to sell on? And will we have a say in what renovations they do, etc.? Thank you.


Hi Cat.

I expect that input on renovation works differs between councils so it would be best to ask if you can view the leasehold agreement first for more information on issues like that.

In terms of how easy it might be to sell on, it really depends on the area and the property, so it would be difficult to say without more information about where your property is located and the type of property it is. If you are buying it very cheaply, then there may be a reason for this. Councils are unlikely to be spending a lot on improving estates in the short term.  However, your conveyancing solicitor needs to check the lease carefully to ensure you are not liable for ongoing maintenance to the other flats or a major overhaul such as roofs over the entire estate.

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